Poll: Hillary Slips Behind GOP In Crucial Swing States


Hillary’s tactical move to the hard left, and ongoing refusal to address the myriad of questions surrounding her conduct as Secretary of State– as it pertains to Benghazi, her emails and the Clinton Foundation — appear to be taking a heavy toll on her standing in three crucial swings states.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, Clinton sits in the low 40s and is losing to a Republican. In Florida, she is just 3 points ahead of her closest challenger, and sits at just 47%.

A Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday morning, shows that Clinton’s ratings for honest and trustworthy are in the negative by some very large margins. Florida: 51-43%; Ohio: 53-40%; Pennsylvania: 54-40%.

The poll looked at a potential match-up between Clinton and a number of GOP contenders in the three states.


Of note in Ohio is not just where some of the GOP contenders sit now but how they have surged over the last few months:

Ohio governor John Kasich beats Clinton in the Buckeye State by a healthy 47-40% margin.

Walker is within 4 points, behind just 44-40%. The Wisconsin governor was down 11 points in March.

Rubio is behind 3 points, 45-42%. The Florida Senator was down 9 points in March and ties with Clinton in a PPP poll taken earlier this month.

Bush is behind by only 1 point, 42-41%. He was down 9 points in March.

Paul is tied with Clinton in Ohio, 43-43%, and in a recent PPP poll is up +3%, 41-44%. Just three months ago, Clinton was dominating Paul in Ohio by double-digit margins.


Rubio is behind Clinton 47-44%. In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, in his home state, Rubio is less than a half-point behind Clinton.

Clinton bests Bush 46-42%. In the poll of polls, however, he down only -1%.

In the must-win Sunshine State, the rest of the field trails from -7% (Paul) to -11% (Christie, Cruz, Huckabee).


Rand Paul leads Clinton 45-44%.

Rubio beats Clinton 44-43%.

Just 17 days in, June has been a tough month for Clinton. While she still leads in most states and in most national polls, her lead is slipping — in some cases drastically As of now, Clinton is not just a sinking ship, she is the only ship Democrats have. All of their eggs are in the Clinton basket and her tactical attempt to stop taking on water by avoiding media questions is obviously not working.

If Clinton thought she could hide and wait out the Clinton Foundation scandals, she was wrong. If Clinton thought she could hurl hard-left red meat from behind a wall of advisors and flacks, she was wrong.

If you click the links provided above, you will not just see a number of Republican candidates rising, Hillary’s numbers are sinking. She has a poll floor well below that of President Obama, and we still don’t know what that floor is.

Everyone in America knows Hillary Clinton. She’s the closest to a non-incumbent incumbent we have seen in a presidential since Richard Nixon in 1968. Opinions of Clinton are formed and hardened. Therefore, anything below 47% to 50% is big trouble, and in some cases she is in the low 40s.

Also nipping at Clinton’s heels is Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed Socialist competing for the Democrat nomination. Against Clinton, Sanders is down only -10%, 41-31% Last month, Clinton was ahead +44% in NH.

Sanders is really coming on; drawing big crowds and almost certainly making other Democrats second-guess their decision to stay out of the race.

On the GOP side, overall, at least in these three states, Rubio is the strongest against Clinton.

Democrats are too invested in Clinton to publicly panic …. now.

That won’t last if this trend continues.


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