Ann Coulter on Marco Rubio: ‘I Really Don’t Like Liars’

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Conservative author Ann Coulter did not mince words when asked on Breitbart News Sunday why she does not support Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) presidential bid.

“I really don’t like liars,” Coulter said, reminding listeners that Rubio ran as a Tea Party candidate against Charlie Crist in 2012 and “campaigned over and over again” by attacking Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) comprehensive amnesty legislation and even declaring that “a path to legalization is a code word for amnesty.”

Coulter, the author of Adios, America, told host Matthew Boyle, whom she extensively praised for his relentless reporting on immigration issues, that though there were some red flags concerning Rubio–like his abuse of the Florida GOP’s credit card–“all sins were forgiven” because he was running against a candidate in Crist whom conservatives just wanted to defeat at all costs.

She reminded listeners that Rubio then “gets to Washington and spends three years pushing nothing but amnesty.” She said establishment Republicans say Rubio is “so telegenic” and he’s just “changed his mind” on immigration, but she noted that, “that’s the only thing he’s done” in D.C.

Rubio, by becoming the face of the Senate’s Gang of Eight’s comprehensive amnesty bill, which the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of American workers, and casting the decisive vote to allow Obamatrade to move forward in the Senate, epitomizes the Republican politician who gets elected espousing conservative principles only to abandon them once he gets to Washington. And on amnesty, Rubio’s flip to the establishment side was a harbinger of things to come.

Coulter reminded listeners that there is “no question the biggest issue in the 2014 elections was Obama’s threatened executive amnesty.” Coulter said Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus asked voters to vote even for candidates Coulter dubbed as establishment “suck-ass” Republicans to stop Obama’s executive amnesty.

“Republicans did that–they voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidates, particularly the ones who were running specifically on immigration and amnesty,” she said.

In Arkansas, for instance, Tom Cotton took out incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AK). In Nebraska, Ben Sasse slaughtered his two Chamber of Commerce rivals in the GOP primary. And Coulter said “the greatest night of my life” was when “Dave Brat took out [House Majority Leader] Eric Cantor” in the primary, which was the first time in history a sitting House Majority leader was ousted in a primary. Brat defeated Cantor because he hammered Cantor for pushing amnesty legislation on behalf of the permanent political class.

Coulter said that though voters made themselves clear on where they stood on amnesty, establishment Republicans–by not blocking Obama’s executive amnesty and focusing on the bipartisan Obamatrade agreement with backdoor amnesty provisions–essentially said, ‘we have a different present for voters… we know you asked for a trip to Paris for your anniversary but we’re going to give you tickets to the NFL.'”

Coulter said voters certainly did not ask for a trade bill that is flooding “working-class Americans with competition.”

“Not competition for the Senators’s jobs. Not competition for Chuck Todd’s job or New York Times reporters’s jobs,” Coulter said. “No, we’re going to flood the market with low-age workers and now we’re even going to help businesses more and the Chamber of Commerce more by allowing them to bring in lots of extra workers.”

She said “the most heinous thing about that trade bill is not the trade part,” but the “backdoor amnesty” provisions that allow businesses to essentially say, “I need 10,000 Pakistanis to do this for me because they’re willing to work cheaper” and bring in more foreign workers to compete with Americans.

Coulter warned listeners that if an establishment Republican like Rubio or former Florida Governor Jeb Bush wins the nomination, Republicans can kiss the White House goodbye.

“If Rubio or Jeb gets the nomination, it’s going to be President Hillary and expect a full Supreme Court of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs,” Coulter said. “I don’t think either will get the nomination, but I am sure neither of them will become president.”


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