‘Gay Is Not the New Black,’ Says Texas Pastor

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Black Christian leaders are continuing to vocalize their opposition to having same-sex marriage compared to the civil rights movement, which fought to overcome racial segregation and discrimination against blacks in America.

In a new video, Texas pastor Voddie Baucham rejects the claim that “gay is the new black,” underscoring the significant differences between race and sexual orientation. Baucham posted the video the day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees same-sex marriage across the country, an outcome that President Barack Obama hailed as “a victory for America.”

The pastor stressed important distinctions between ethnicity and sexual orientation, observing that “ethnicity is innate and unchangeable. So-called sexual orientation is not innate and is changeable.”

There is 2,000-year-old evidence in Saint Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians that people can stop being gay, the pastor says. The text refers to “men who have sex with men” as being outside the kingdom of God. It also says that “some of you were,” but you have been washed and justified.

Such biblical language may soon be censored as “hate speech,” as people are coerced into accepting the idea that homosexuality is just like race. A newspaper in Harrisburg, PA announced last week that it would censor views opposing same-sex marriage as no better than racism, sexism, anti-Semitism. John L. Micek, editorial page editor and formerly state capital reporter, explicitly compared such opposition to “hate speech,” despite the fact that it has been the common view of humanity for millennia. Micek later walked back that stance.

Baucham says that some of the confusion stems from mistakes made in the civil rights movement itself, which used the political language of “constituencies,” resulting in debates about special interests rather than the common rights of all.

When rights are reduced to privileges for certain constituencies of people, then their true meaning is lost. “We’ve embraced a hyphenated understanding of ourselves as opposed to a view that sees us as one people,” he said.

So “if all you are doing is using the language of the culture and the idea of people as constituencies, then you end up right where we are, and it is hard to stop that train,” he said.

Baucham argues that the homosexual community is “latching onto some of those very concepts,” which he sees as rooted and grounded in cultural Marxism. “Divide people up into constituencies, and then the way you gain power is by making promises and representing particular constituencies,” he said.

The homosexual community has identified itself as “a constituency deserving of our attention and pity,” by exploiting the AIDS crisis, he argues. “The direct result is they now have achieved a one-to-one correlation that we are finding it very hard to move away from.”

The pastor warns that pressures from homosexuals will not stop with Friday’s Supreme Court decision, because “even when gains are made, you have to downplay those and go looking for other things that are problems,” he said.

In March, President Barack Obama drew down the ire of black leaders when he compared the civil rights movement to that for same-sex marriage at the 50th anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” march, when black American citizens were beaten for demanding voting rights they were being denied.

“I marched with many people back in those days and I have reached out to some of my friends who marched with me, and all of them are shocked,” Rev. William Owens of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) told Breitbart News.

“They never thought they would see this day that gay rights would be equated with civil rights. Not one agreed with this comparison,” he said.

“President Obama is a disgrace to the black community,” Owens said. “He is rewriting history. We didn’t suffer and die for gay marriage. We marched for opportunity, equality, justice, freedom from oppression. We are the true heirs of the civil rights movement. We have a new movement to reclaim the ‘real’ civil rights movement.”

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