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EXCLUSIVE: Border Agents Required to Move Migrants Through Texas Barriers Along Rio Grande

Recent videos and photographs circulated on social media and by news outlets show Border Patrol agents opening Texas Border fence gates to take custody of migrants making landfall into the United States. One video revealed a Border Patrol agent physically cutting concertina wire installed by the state to accept the surrender of a group of migrants. A CBP source says the actions are required by law and recently enhanced by policy enacted after the 2021 Haitian Border Crisis in Del Rio.

74 Central American migrants in Eagle Pass. (Law Enforcement Photo)

WATCH: Ted Cruz Destroys the Case for Vanita Gupta

Republicans confronted Associate Attorney General nominee Vanita Gupta in her confirmation hearing Tuesday with her radical views and record of partisan attacks, prompting Democrats to intervene after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned her.

Ted Cruz (Greg Nash / Pool / AFP / Getty)