Carly Fiorina: CNN Didn’t Even Ask Hillary Clinton about Track Record as Secretary of State


GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina reacted to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated first television interview with CNN since announcing her presidential run in early April.

“Stunning…and yet completely unsurprising,” Fiorina posted on Facebook.

She elaborated: “Hillary Clinton managed not to answer any substantive questions during that interview. And she wasn’t even asked about her track record as Secretary of State.”

Fiorina said if the Republican Party wants to win the White House in 2016, it must have a nominee that isn’t afraid to hold Clinton accountable.

The Repubican candidate added that the nominee must be someone “who will ask her about Benghazi, who will ask her about her conflicts of interest while her family accepted money from countries with business before her, who will ask her why she thought a gimmicky red reset button would dissuade the ambitions of someone like Vladmir Putin.”

Fiorina has put pressure on Clinton to take media questions, even holding her own press conference outside a Clinton campaign event when the two were in the same state campaigning.


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