Massachusetts Man Challenges GOP Candidates on Bible Verses

Jeb Bush, Rod Webber

WEST LIBERTY, Iowa—Rod Webber of Massachusetts attended an event with GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee Friday morning and attempted to challenge the former Baptist pastor on the bible and certain verses Webber believed didn’t fit with the Republican Party.

Webber begins, “I’m not really a political person, but… you’re a religious person, right? A Christian?

Huckabee responds, “I am a believer – absolutely.”

Webber challenges, “Uh, three different points here. Proverbs 22:9, he who is bountiful of the eye, he gives food and bread to the poor, which goes against conservative ideology. The second one is Revelation 11:18, destroy the destroyer from the earth – which goes against the anti-environment stance of conservatives… and finally it’s thou shall not kill.”

Huckabee schools Webber in response, “Let me take all three of those… We absolutely have a responsibility to the poor, but it is the responsibility of me as an individual believer. It is not something I pawn off on the government. The reason that the government is in the poverty business – the welfare business, is because the church got out of the welfare business.”

Huckabee adds, “It is the same bible that… also says if you don’t work you don’t eat.”…“I look at that…”

Webber interrupts, “Why as the government, don’t you decide to take that on…”

Huckabee responds, “Why wouldn’t the government do it? Well, if government is God – if government is your God that makes perfect sense… and to a lot of people government is their God. But… government is not my God.”

Webber interrupts again, “Why does it get into the abortion debate?”

Huckabee answers, “Abortion has to do with only the fact that we want to protect people that are innocent… do you think there is any such thing as a life that doesn’t have value?”

Webber responds, “Absolutely not. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t believe in eating animals for that reason.”

“As a steward like in Genesis, it makes it very clear that all the things that God made he made for us to use – not to abuse – but for us to use. Those resources are there to give us the ability to live… now as a conservationist, I believe very very strongly of taking good care of the earth and it’s resources. I do not believe however, in worshipping them and elevating them above human beings – because that would be totally against scripture,” Huckabee states in response to Webber’s challenge on the environmental question he posed.

Huckabee then moves on the Webber’s last challenge.

“And murder is to take the life of a person without cause – without reason, but if you’re engaged in a war – and there are many many scriptures that deal with the fact that there are evil people, then it is not murdering someone,” Huckabee explained.

Breitbart News found out this isn’t the first time Webber has attended an event and done something similar. Members at the gathering told Breitbart News Webber did the same thing when GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum came to town. They also said he video records the events.

Webber spoke to Breitbart News after the event and said he has been spreading love and peace for the past six months—driving around the country and attending candidate forums.

Webber shared his business card with Breitbart News, and a closer look reveals he has met quite a few candidates, but has altered some photos.

For example, he has a photograph with GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal—with a rainbow shaded over it. Jindal is against same-sex marriage.

Webber is pictured on his website with GOP candidates Jeb Bush and Rick Perry. He tends to give each candidate wildflowers to signify peace.


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