Poll: Trump Beats Jeb, Rubio AND Hillary In Florida


A new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday shows that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump continues to shake up both the primary and general election race. In the crucial swing state of Florida, quite incredibly, Trump is beating Floridians Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush for primary voters.

At 21%, Trump is in first place. Bush is in second at 17%; Rubio and Carson are tied at 11%.

Florida is a must-win primary state and Trump is +4 against Jeb – a former Florida governor.  And even after all the talk from Fox News and others about Rubio winning the debate, he’s a full -10 points below The Donald and tied with Ben Carson. Need it even be mentioned that Rubio is currently a sitting Florida Senator?

Trump also beats Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up, 43% to 41%.

This poll is excellent news for Trump and his supporters. One of the primary talking points the Republican Establishment and the media have been using against Trump is that he cannot win a general election. Two national polls released this week show Trump within striking distance of Clinton, and now he beats her in a head-to-head Florida poll.

This same poll shows Trump within striking distance of Clinton in Ohio; down just 5 points 43% to 38%.

While the numbers clearly show Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush both do better than Trump against Clinton in Florida and Ohio (as well as Pennsylvania), the talking point that there is no way Trump can win a general election is now doornail dead.


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