Former DIA Chief: ‘Immediately Suspend’ Hillary’s Security Clearance

Hillary Clinton Chip SomodevillaGetty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Lt Gen Michael T. Flynn, who served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under President Obama, recommended this weekend that Hillary Clinton’s Top Secret security clearance be immediately revoked, due to concerns she incorrectly handled classified information in establishing a private, insecure email server for her personal use..

Flynn told The Daily Caller this weekend that he believed Mrs. Clinton’s “unprecedented” act caused “untold damage” to America’s security interests. Due to her track record, the Democratic frontrunner for President should not be given “access to any classified or sensitive information,” Flynn said.

“As an employee and Secretary of State I don’t think she operates above policy or law. I just think that she is so unaccountable to the American people for having done what she did as Secretary of State,” the former DIA director opined.

Flynn likened Clinton’s transfer of classified material to her home server via USB drives to the treasonous actions committed by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden and the disgraced Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning.

“I know the use of thumb drives is not a good idea and I know we had a very, very strict policy in the Department of Defense. That’s certainly how people like Manning and Snowden were able to abscond with lots of information,” he explained.

“Its amazing she’s gotten away with it this far,” he told the Daily Caller. “I would never have gotten away with it had I done something like that, especially in uniform.”

In the interview, Flynn said he didn’t buy Mrs. Clinton’s excuse that she was simply ignorant of having broken any laws. “She can’t sit there and say ‘I’m not mechanically inclined’ or not technical. Not in this day and age.”

“So for her to act as though she doesn’t know anything – give me a break,” the former DIA head concluded.


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