Trump Says He’ll Spend $100 Million Plus To Win GOP Nomination


Donald Trump just killed the rumors — and his rivals’ hopes — that he’s only playing politics for publicity.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Trump said in an interview that he was prepared to spend $100 million or more to become the Republican nominee and that most of it would go to galvanizing voter support in states with early nominating contests. While he boasted last month that he would spend $1 billion if need be, he said that a realistic amount would be far less and that he would count on the national Republican Party for financial help if he became the nominee.

“One of the greats who believed in broad strokes was Ronald Reagan,” Mr. Trump said in the interview late Thursday night after a rally here, which drew about 3,000 people. He said he was “very detail-oriented,” had issued an immigration plan and would offer a tax plan in three weeks. “But I am a person who does not necessarily believe in plans that have 14 steps. Because when the second step gets out of whack, you’re screwed. I don’t think the voters care about specifics. I think the press cares, but I’ve never had a voter ask for my policy papers.”

He also predicted that the extensive media coverage of his campaign would help him win caucuses and primaries in every region of the country, noting that he had planned to spend $15 million on campaign commercials this summer but did not because of the “free nationwide publicity” that the cable news networks provided.

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