Ben Carson Blasts Media: ‘Sacred Obligation’ to be ‘Honest’


GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that only one business in America is protected by the Constitution – “the press.”

But “it was because the press was supposed to be an ally for the people,” Carson explained. “And they were supposed to expose and inform the people in a nonpartisan way [but] when they become partisan – which they are – they destroy the system.”

He made that blast at the mainstream media during a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

Carson began the event by showcasing his new book, A More Perfect Union, which details the importance of Americans’ threatened constitutional liberties. Without those liberties, he says, government overreach will continue.

Then he blasted the mainstream media. “They allow the side that they pick [favor] to get away with all kinds of things,” he said.

“The good thing is that a lot of people in America are on to them and understand what they are trying to do,” Carson stated. “It seems like the more they attack me the better I do.” In fact, Carson’s fundraising numbers continue to increase faster than others in the GOP field, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“I think there’s still hope there,” he hinted. “I think it’s possible that some of them will recognize that it’s almost a sacred obligation they have to the people to be honest.”

He closed by saying “it is going to take courage by all of us – including the press” – to save the country

His remarks come as Carson has faced a backlash from the mainstream media over comments he made about a hypothetical Muslim president, the Oregon shooting and his argument that the Nazi genocide of Jews would have been much more difficult if the victims were armed.

Carson said the reason he exposes the press is because he wants Americans to understand what the mainstream media is doing – not because he’s sensitive to the media barrage.

Carson received a standing ovation as he left the podium.








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