Scott Walker: Donald Trump Can Win the GOP Nomination


Donald Trump can win the GOP’s 2016 nomination — unless the crowded GOP field consolidates around a rival, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker admitted Wednesday.

“Yeah… it’s possible” that Trump can win, Walker told Wisconsin’s 620 WTMJ.

Trump can be defeated if the candidates rally around a consensus candidate, Walker said, at 13:50 into the interview.

“If more Republican [candidates] sat back and say ‘Boy, I can have an impact in narrowing this field so that… a true conservative with a positive message is the viable alternative, maybe it is time to suspend the campaign’… I think you’ll get a viable alternative,” said Walker, who quit the race in September.

Walker’s language — “a true conservative with a positive message” — echoes the pitch from GOP establishment favorite, Jeb Bush.

This week, polls show Trump’s numbers climbing up.

An Oct. 13 poll by Morning Consult showed Trump with 48 percent of the GOP’s primary vote, counting first and second choices, according to the latest large-scale poll by Morning Consult. That’s three points short of a majority, and an almost-sure presidential nomination. The score include 34 percent in first-choice votes, and 14 percent in second-choice votes.

The Oct. 8 to Oct. 12 poll included a large panel of 2,002 registered voters.



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