Hillary Clinton Slips Against GOP; Loses to Surging Ted Cruz

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Despite the fact that her allies in DC Media have handed Hillary Clinton six weeks of the best press any presidential candidate not named Barack Obama could ask for, despite the fact this same corrupt media has launched an outright jihad against Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general, in the latest national CNN poll, Hillary is slipping against her most likely  GOP foes.

With the national spotlight turning to the Texas Republican Senator, in this particular poll, Ted Cruz has surged +5 points to a +2 point lead against Clinton, 48% to 46%. As of now, in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Clinton is only an eighth of a point ahead of Cruz.  This is extraordinary when you realize that for the last four years, this is the same Ted Cruz the media has worked overtime to turn into America’s Anti-Government Bogeyman.

Against Marco Rubio, Clinton loses by +3 points, 49% to 46%. In the last CNN poll, Rubio was only up +1. In the poll of polls, Rubio is up +2 points.

Clinton has even slipped a tad against the man the corrupt DC Media has spent the last month attempting to exterminate. In November, Trump lost to Clinton by -3 points. Today he is only down -2, 49% to 47%. In the poll of polls, Trump is behind -6 points.

When you consider the beating Trump has taken, that is pretty extraordinary.

When the DC Media huddles with Team Clinton in their volcano lair, they have to be asking one another, “How much harder can we hit him? How much better press can we give you? Why won’t this bastard go down?”

Even against Bernie Sanders Clinton is slipping. Last month she was ahead of the socialist by +28 points, 58% – 30%. Today that gap has closed to just +16 points, 50% to 34%.

Another factor that should worry Her Majesty is that while the DC Media has been nuking the GOP for months, Republicans have yet to train any real fire on her. She’s losing to Cruz and Rubio, and only barely ahead of Trump when she has yet to face any serious political opposition.

Another Big Loser in this poll is the Republican Establishment. These bloated nest-featherers have one card left to play, The Cruz and Trump Can’t Beat Hillary Card.


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