Gutfeld: We Got ‘Suckered’ Into Covering Palin’s Opportunistic Endorsement of ‘Rockefeller Republican’ Trump

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld stated he was “glad that we were suckered” into covering former Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over “Hillary Rodham Clinton having top-secret classified information on her email” and the endorsement “shows in a way the opportunism of a lot of top conservative leaders” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld said, “Palin’s endorsement is massive, because it will definitely get Palin’s vote. And I think that’s really important, and I think it is bigger than Hillary Rodham Clinton having top-secret classified information on her email. So I’m glad that we were suckered into leading with this huge, huge announcement. But the rub here is you have a staunch religious conservative tossing aside a staunch religious conservative for a Rockefeller Republican. And it shows in a way the opportunism of a lot of top conservative leaders, when they see the bandwagon, they jump on the bandwagon.”

He later stated, “I do see a lot of religious conservatives and hard-right conservatives going to Trump, because they sense he might be a winner and Cruz isn’t. Why would you be sacrificing your ideological beliefs otherwise?”

After the discussion turned to the feud between Trump and fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz Cruz, Gutfeld stated, “Well, it’s interesting because you were talking — you talked about how important is pro-life. Well, you have seen some conservative commentators just totally abandon that. There was one famous one, who said she didn’t care if Donald Trump would perform abortions in the White House. She said that. We know who that is. But I have no sympathy for Ted Cruz right now, because an appeaser — is, that saying goes, an appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile, hoping that the crocodile eats him last. Cruz declined to denounce Trump’s attacks on [Sen.] John McCain (R-AZ), as well as other notable righties, did not go after Trump for making fun of McCain for being a POW. So, now Trump is eating him last.”

Gutfeld further argued the primary “should be based on whether this person can beat Hillary Clinton not about how great it feels to have an anti-establishment candidate.” And “Trump has a better chance — way better chance than Cruz of winning. There’s no question.”

Gutfeld also said that Trump could be “the second agnostic president in a row.” And that while he doesn’t mind Trump “not being religious.” “It’s the people who are religious, who are suddenly abandoning their religion for him.”

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