Mort Kondracke Writing in Paul Ryan for President–Trump ‘Nativist, Xenophobic and Profane’


Mort Kondracke writes in Roll Call:

The way things are going in the presidential race, I’m going to write in Paul D. Ryan.

Join me. Pass the word. If enough of us moderates (Rs and Ds) and independents do it all over the country, Ryan won’t get elected, but we can make a ringing statement about the kind of politics we want — and don’t want.

Ryan has been speaker of the House for not quite three months, and already he has shown he’s the true heir in of his mentor, Jack Kemp. His politics, as Kemp’s were, are idea-driven, pro-growth, optimistic, inclusive, compassionate.

That’s the diametrical opposite of the politics of the two front-runners for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are practicing the politics of resentment, fear and division.

Trump is nativist, xenophobic, misogynist, undignified, insulting and profane. Admittedly, he’s giving voice to the anger of working-class white voters who feel they are losing out in the modern economy and think establishment politicians have done nothing for them.

You can read the rest of the story here.


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