Exclusive — ‘It’s A Terrible Deal,’ Donald Trump Says About Just-Signed Obamatrade

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Great Bay Community Coll
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Donald Trump, currently leading in New Hampshire polling ahead of this coming Tuesday’s primaries, tells Breitbart News exclusively that the just-signed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific rim trade agreement is a “terrible deal.”

“It’s like all deals that the United States makes under this president, it’s a terrible deal,” Trump said when asked to react to the news that President Barack Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative just inked the deal officially in Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s going to allow countries to continue to take advantage of us and take our jobs, take our trade. It’s bad for us. It’ll allow China to come in through the back door at a later date and continue to really do a number on us, and it doesn’t take into account money manipulation—manipulation or devaluation of currency, which is the single biggest tool that countries use against us. It’s a terrible deal.

Trump also hit former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—who used to favor the TPP portion of Obamatrade, but now says she opposes the highly unpopular deal even though she helped negotiate it—for flip-flopping to oppose the deal. In Thursday evening’s Democratic debate, Clinton re-expressed her newfound opposition to Obamatrade’s TPP, but she used to be in favor of it heavily.

“So she’s against it in violation of the president, who’s for it?” Trump told Breitbart News.

Wow. If she’s against it, she’s right—one of the few things she differs on the president with. If she’s against it, she’s right. She was for it, against it, for it and now she’s against it. Look, it’s a very bad deal for the United States. It’s a deal which will cause us further erosion of our jobs, our good jobs, and further erosion of our manufacturing. It’s a terrible deal for the United States. And it doesn’t discuss—the biggest problem is devaluation, currency manipulation, which is their greatest asset.

Trump also explained exactly how he plans to to stop China from devaluing currency. He said the United States, because of weak leaders, has not used the “great power”—or leverage—it has over China to prevent the Asian powerhouse nation from wealth theft from America.

“What you have to do, China is the king of devaluation and monetary manipulation,” Trump said when asked about his plans to block currency manipulation on the world stage.

Nobody does it better, more deftly, more magnificently, than China. And China has taken advantage of the United States for years and we don’t even know what’s happening. We’re like a bunch of dummies that don’t have a clue. What’s happened and what happens is we have a great power over China because they get rich off the United States because they sell their product here. So if we had strong leadership, we’d use that power to stop their devaluation very simply. But they just did it again. They just did the biggest devaluation in 20 years. And now I understand they’re going to devalue again. It’s actually hard to believe.

More from Trump’s exclusive interview with Breitbart News ahead of the New Hampshire primaries is forthcoming.


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