President of Mexico wants to Negotiate that “Wall”

Although Donald Trump’s election was shocking to the Mexican government, President Enrique Pena Nieto was one of first world leaders to congratulate President-elect Trump and seems ready to negotiate a new economic deal to prevent a trade war.


UK Credit Rating Downgraded to AA, But British Better Off

Breitbart News correctly predicted that if the British peopled voted for “Brexit,” that would cost the UK its AAA credit rating. And our other prediction — that the British would be better off leaving the EU — is also looking good.

Big Ben Brexit (Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty)

China Devalues Yuan as Stocks Crash

With China devaluing its currency, stocks crashing 3 percent and capital flight accelerating, China has cut bank its bank reserve requirements to free up $100 billion in credit.

Chinese yuan (Teh Eng Koon / AFP / Getty)

U.S. Employment Spikes Up, Chinese Lose Jobs

The reason that U.S. payrolls just spiked up by 292,000, crowning the second-best year for workers since 1999, is that America is now sucking back jobs outsourced to China.

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China Stock Market Crash Goes Global

With China in the midst of a foreign exchange and currency crisis, investors around the world are hitting the “sell” button in a scramble for cash liquidity.

Stock market crash (Richard Drew / Associated Press)

Gold Standard More Popular than Federal Reserve For Good Reason

At the Jackson Hole Economic Summit the American Principles Project demonstrated that the people can’t be fooled in the long term by monetary magic forever. In a national poll by McLaughlin & McLaughlin 1,000 respondents were asked if they would support the Gold Standard in the United States. 39% replied yes, 15% replied no, and 46% were undecided. That is more than a 2:1 ratio for favorability.

These results and the margin between approve and disapprove are better than recent polls on the Federal Reserve or its recent leaders as shown in recent Gallup polls over the last two years: Negative on the Fed and its leaders are very high, while negatives on Gold are very low.

The Associated Press

Trade War: China Dumped $77B in US Bonds to Devalue Yuan

Federal Reserve data published late on February 18 reveals China dumped about $75 billion in US bonds in the last six months of 2014. The action explains why interest rates on US Treasury bonds jumped by 23 percent since January, and economic indicators show the US economy growth is slowing and worldwide deflation is accelerating.