Marco Rubio: If You Get a Call Saying I’m Dropping Out, It Isn’t True

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., gestures as he speaks at a campaign event at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, in Derry, N.H. (
AP/David Goldman

During a rally in Derry, New Hampshire, Senator Marco Rubio joked about the fiasco surrounding Ted Cruz and Ben Carson during the Iowa caucuses.

“By the way, if you get a call on Tuesday night that I dropped out, it isn’t true. Keep voting,” he said as the crowd laughed.

It’s a new joke for Rubio, after his rival Ted Cruz has been under fire for spreading the rumor that Ben Carson was getting out of the race as voters went to the caucuses in Iowa.

Rubio’s crowds are getting bigger as he makes his way across New Hampshire. In response the campaign adjusted their venues to accommodate larger crowds. Last night they moved a rally to the Hood Middle School Gymnasium instead of the cafeteria.

His rival Chris Christie accused Rubio of being a “boy in a bubble” and “scripted,” but Rubio is now staying late after rallies to meet and greet his supporters and take pictures.

The freshman Senator was introduced last night by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Rep. Trey Gowdy, and Sen. Tim Scott – all who have endorsed Rubio for president. Last night, the campaign announced that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had decided to endorse his former rival.

That is the latest sign that more conservative Republicans are endorsing Marco Rubio after his third place victory in the Iowa caucuses, and a message that the campaign is eager to get out.

The campaign released a video highlighting Rubio’s high ratings from conservative groups, featuring audio from Rush Limbaugh calling him a “legitimate, full throated conservative.”

Former New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson also endorsed Rubio last night, praising his experience in the Florida legislature and the Senate.

“There is a lot to like about Senator Rubio,” he said. “But things I like best about him is he has a real vision for America. He believes in this country. He knows he can make this country great.”


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