Ted Cruz Ridicules: I’m Sure Fox News Will Cover My 3rd Place Win as Enthusiastically as Rubio’s

Associated Press
Associated Press

After Marco Rubio’s surprising (and legitimately impressive) third-place finish in Iowa, all of the media went crazy with glowing coverage directed at the Florida Senator. This included the powerful Fox News, that at times seemed more impressed with Rubio’s surprise third place showing than Ted Cruz’s even more impressive first-place Iowa upset.

Now that Cruz has left New Hampshire in a nearly-identical position as Rubio did in Iowa (a surprise third place landing), when Cruz was asked about winning the Granite State’s Bronze during a news conference late-Wednesday morning, dripping with as much sarcasm as he could muster, the Texas senator ridiculed the “fair and balanced” network:

“Well, I’m looking forward to a wall of week-to-week coverage on Fox News for my impressive third-place finish,” Cruz remarked, without meaning a word of it. “Which Marco Rubio got, so I’m sure that’s what we’re going to see on every show on Fox today” ‘The shockingly impressive third place finish for Cruz.'”


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