Cruz Ad Accuses Trump Of ‘A Pattern Of Sleaze Stretching Back Decades’


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has launched a 60-second attack-ad that is set to air across South Carolina, which accuses Trump of “a pattern of sleaze stretching back decades.”

The ad targets Trump’s character, accusing him of hurting the little guy for his personal gain. The ad centers around a widow, Vera Coking, who had a home in Atlantic City, N.J., which the ad describes as “the only thing she had left.”

The ad then says that, “Trump wanted Coking’s house … to park limousines for his casino.”

“So Trump schemed with Atlantic City government to force Coking from her home using eminent domain,” the ad says.

The ad concludes, “Trump uses power for personal gain. Imagine the damage he could do as president.”


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