Chris Christie Lists Marco Rubio’s Senate Absences per Committee, ‘Not Qualified’ for President

Christie (L) and Rubio
AP Photos
Houston, TX

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday, introduced the real estate mogul at his campaign rally in Bentonville, Arkansas on Saturday and listed Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) many absences per Senate committee, charging that Rubio isn’t qualified to be president.

“Some of the things Donald’s opponents are saying about him,” Christie began, referencing Rubio calling Trump a con artist, “I saw Senator Rubio just saying that he is going to work every minute he can to become the nominee for president. Well, that will be a real switch for Senator Rubio, since he doesn’t work much at all.”

“When you’re a senator and you’re on some committees you should actually show up for work,” Christie jabbed. He then read from a piece of paper, saying, “He says he’s got great foreign policy experience because he served on the Foreign Relations committee.”

But Christie charged that Rubio missed 60 percent of all the meetings of the Foreign Relations committee.

“Marco Rubio says he’s going to help create jobs,” Christie continued, adding that Trump is the only candidate running who has created jobs.

“He’s on the Small Business Committee in the Senate, and he’s missed 85 percent of the meetings as Senator,” Christie continued.

He added that Rubio missed 80 percent of the meetings for the Commerce committee.

“This guy shows up for work every day. He works hard. He’s built incredibly successful businesses,” Christie stated, turning towards Trump.

“One message to Senator Rubio…unlike the United States Senate, the President of the United States is not a no-show job, so you’re not qualified,” Christie challenged.