Rubio Crashes: Could Go Home with Zero Delegates


As of this writing, 92% of Mississippi is counted and Marco Rubio sits in last place with just 5% support. Third place John Kasich almost doubles Rubio with 9%. Donald Trump is running away with 48%. Ted Cruz is in second place with just 36%.

Meanwhile in Michigan, with 74% counted, Rubio is again in last place with just 9%. Cruz and Kasich are fighting for second place with almost three times Rubio’s support, 25%. Trump won the state and currently sits at 37%.

With 25% of Idaho in, Rubio is in third place and just below the 20% threshold required to earn any delegates there.

If these numbers hold, Marco Rubio will not win a single delegate in any of these three states.  Hawaii is still a few hours away.

By my count, so far, the Republican Savior is 1 – 22 in the GOP primary, and that’s if you are generous enough to count Minnesota as a state and not as Southern Canada-with-worse-schools. Rubio also won Puerto Rico, which is a welfare state but not a state.

On behalf of Marco Rubio, the GOP Death Star and their DC Media allies have spent the last 10 days throwing everything they had at Donald Trump … From Nazis to the KKK to Mitt Romney to Trump University to hand-size to millions and millions of dollars in negative ads … and they failed miserably.

Tonight was nothing short of a triumph for Trump. Through an unprecedented onslaught, The Donald kept his head down, did his thing, and came out the other side with his most important victories  yet. During his victory speech/press conference Tuesday night, the frontrunner extended an olive branch to the Establishment, and did so persuasively.

Ever since Marco Rubio tried to out-Trump Trump with cheap jokes about Trump’s manhood  and wetting his pants, the Florida Senator’s fortunes have completely collapsed. The most recent poll out of his home state shows him -20 points down.

Meanwhile, Trump just keeps on keeping on.


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