Trump Expands Big Lead In Florida, Up In Ohio

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., address the crowd at a campaign rally in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Gary McCullough)
AP Photo/Gary McCullough

Two pollsters looked at two crucial states and delivered only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. The GOP Establishment’s stated goal is to stop Trump from winning the number of delegates necessary to outright claim the Republican presidential nomination. The idea is to then go to a brokered convention where Party delegates get to choose whomever they like. In order to do that, Trump must first lose the winner-take-all-states of Ohio and Florida. With just six days to go, these polls show Trump  leading in both.



According to Quinnipiac, despite 10 days of facing down the GOP Establishment/DC Media Death Star, Trump has actually expanded his lead in Florida. Currently, the billionaire businessman leads favorite son Marco Rubio 45% to 22%, a full +23 points.

Last month, in this same poll, Trump was up by just +16 points over Rubio, 44% to 28%.

Only 6% of voters remain undecided. Ted Cruz earns 18% support. John Kasich sits at just 8%.

Trump also leads in the demos:

Trump leads Rubio 39 – 27 percent among women and 50 – 17 percent among men. Self-described Tea Party members go 48 percent for Trump, 40 percent for Cruz and 9 percent for Rubio. Trump gets 39 percent of white, born-again evangelicals, with 30 percent for Cruz and 21 percent for Rubio.

In the new CNN poll, Trump is up +16 with 40% to Rubio’s 24%. Cruz sits at 19%, Kasich 5%.



The race for Ohio is much tighter.

According to Quinnipiac, Trump leads current Ohio Governor Kasich by +6 points, 38% to 32%. A month ago, Trump led by +5 points, 31% to 26%. Both men are gaining support. The good news for Trump is that his lead has remained stable.

Cruz earns just 16% support. Rubio’s collapse continues with just 9%.


Cruz gets 38 percent of Ohio Tea Party members, with 33 percent for Trump and 14 percent for Kasich. Kasich gets 32 percent of white, born-again evangelicals, with 29 percent for Trump and 24 percent for Cruz.

Voters 18 to 44 years old go to Trump over Kasich 41 – 24 percent. Trump gets 38 percent of voters 45 to 64 years old to Kasich’s 35 percent. Kasich gets 38 percent of voters over 65 years old to Trump’s 33 percent.

In the new CNN poll, Trump is again up +6 with 41% to Kasich’s 35%. Cruz is in third at 15% and Rubio fourth with just 7%.

Kasich’s third place showing in Michigan Tuesday night might deflate some of his Ohio support. He has virtually no chance of winning the nomination. If his comeback was going to begin, it had to begin in Michigan, a state close to and very similar to Ohio.

If any, whatever kitchen sinks the Establishment and DC Media have left, they had better be more effective than the last ones.


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