WATCH: New Bush/Romney Operatives Ad Features Women Reading Controversial Trump Quotes

A new video created by the ‘Our Principles PAC’ features a number of female actors reading controversial quotes from U.S. Republican front runner Donald Trump, timed to coincide with voting in ‘Super Tuesday 2’, where millions of Americans will cast their votes across the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio.

The advertisement, which was first shown on CNN last night, features quotes from Mr. Trump such as jokes from the Howard Stern show, as well as times that he has called individual women “bimbos”, “dogs” and “fat pigs”.

The video highlights Mr. Trump speaking about the late Princess Diana, stating: “She had the height. She had the beauty. But she was crazy.”

Our Principles PAC was founded in January 2016 with the specific aim of targeting Mr. Trump during the election campaign.

According to Politico its founder is Katie Packer who served as deputy campaign manager on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Following the failure of the Jeb Bush campaign in this election cycle, the PAC hired Tim Miller, who served as Jeb!’s communication adviser.

Ballotpedia notes that the PAC, as of January 29, 2016, “has spent over $1.5 million in opposing Trump’s candidacy. It is unclear, at this point, how much the super PAC has raised in contributions.”


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