Obama’s Trip to Havana Triggers Personal Pain in Cuban-Americans

MIAMI, FL - JULY 20: Protestes hang a sign that reads, 'Obama Coward Shame on You', as they show their displeasure, in the Little Havana neighborhood, with the normalization of the Cuban/United States relationship as the Cuban Embassy opens after a 54 year absence in Washington, DC on July 20, …
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Columnist Dan Le Batard writes about his personal feelings towards President Obama’s trip to Cuba at the Miami Herald:

Another loss. That’s what this already feels like to so much of Miami, before the “historic” baseball game has even been played. As if the Cubans who fled to this country haven’t already felt enough of those losses over the decades. Lost childhoods. Lost roots. Lost families. Lost land. Lost freedoms. Lost lives in the ocean that divides Cuba and America like the million miles of distance between desperation and hope.

So much happy coverage on the television this week. Historic visit! America and Baseball celebrating themselves. Obama and Jeter and ESPN head toward communism like it is another cruise port, so many symbols of Americana descending on a rotting island stuck in the 1950s, and it doesn’t feel quite right back in Miami, like watching a funeral morph into a party. The history of my own people feels like it is either being ignored or trampled here, and I’m not quite sure which of those feels worse.

Read the full story at the Miami Herald.


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