Liz Mair’s Anti-Trump Super PAC Has Same Mailing Address as Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consultant Liz Mair’s controversial anti-Donald Trump super PAC shares a mailing address with Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign, which just re-launched as a nonprofit.

Fiorina is a Ted Cruz supporter.

Mair’s PAC Make America Awesome is under fire after it ran a sexist advertisement in Utah featuring Trump’s wife Melania, a model, posing nude. The ad encouraged people to vote for Ted Cruz. Mair is open about the fact that she is helping to boost Cruz, though Cruz has denied involvement with the ad.

But how does Make America Awesome make money?

According to the PAC’s most recent report, filed on February 29, 2016, the group listed only seven donors as having given $200 or more, including consultant Juleana Glover, a former George W. Bush and Bill Kristol employee who now works for Teneo Holdings, an advisory firm linked to Bill Clinton.

The PAC takes money in envelopes at a PO box in Alexandra, Virginia.

“If you would like to donate by mail, send checks to: Make America Awesome PO Box 26141 Alexandria, VA 22313,” the PAC’s website states.

The PAC’s Facebook page also lists its address as “PO Box 26141” in “Alexandria, Virginia.”

That PO box also happens to be the mailing address for Carly for America, which was Fiorina’s presidential campaign and just re-launched as a nonprofit organization.

Carly for America was still listed at PO Box 26141 in Alexandria at the time of its last monthly FEC filing on March 20, 2016, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Carly for America Committee listed PO Box 26141 in Alexandria on its FEC public disclosure form on February 26, 2015.

Fiorina sent out an email on March 23 announcing that Carly for America is back, and will help to elect “consevative candidates.” Fiorina has endorsed Ted Cruz.

Fiorina said in her re-launch email:

First, we will identify principled conservative candidates from outside the political class, who aren’t afraid of a fight and aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo—and we will introduce them to the American people. Second, we will give them the critical boost they need to win: by campaigning with them, supporting them, and fundraising for them. Anything we can do to make sure they have all the resources they need to amplify their voices, bypass the media and the establishment, and win over voters.

Mair did not return requests for comment for this report.


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