Peshmerga Fighter Ferhang: Get Serious About Fighting the ‘Pure Evil’ of ISIS

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A fighter for the Kurdish Peshmerga named Ferhang tells Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon: “We are very determined to fight the evil that is in front of us. The Peshmerga are fighting this evil for the world. That’s why I think it’s important for the world to support the Peshmerga against this evil.”

Ferhang called in from Kurdistan to offer a unique perspective on the battle against ISIS from the front lines. He said the Kurds found it “very frustrating” that “our friends in the West have been a little bit slow, and soft, about the whole thing.”  He wished the Islamic State had been recognized as a global problem sooner, and warned that if ISIS was able to get a little better organized and secure the resources it wanted, the terror state would “come and knock on their doors in the West.”

“It’s very clear what this evil stands for, and that’s why I think it’s important for us to be united, and to do a strong effort to destroy them,” he said.

He found the rules of engagement for Western assistance “frustrating,” and its military assistance “very selective,” citing the very fact that ISIS could maintain a clear and organized front line against Kurdish forces as evidence that Western airstrikes were not “intense enough.”

“There are many different types of rules of engagement that exist,” said Ferhang. “Unfortunately, I think they’re too soft on them, because if they’re not, they shouldn’t have a front like this.  Terrorists shouldn’t have a front line, like an army… they should definitely be much more serious about engaging more intensely.”

He said it was unfortunate that attacks like the Paris massacre and Brussels bombings were necessary for “some people to wake up.”

Another frustration expressed by Ferhang was with the government in Baghdad, through which all of the Peshmerga’s arms must flow. “Most of the stuff that the Peshmerga fighters – that are the real fighters as you guys know, against ISIS, and the Peshmerga are the only force that is actually defeating ISIS – are not receiving heavy weapons because of the Iraqi army, and the Iraqi government,” he charged.

“I’ve had videos showing ISIS fighters packing bombs, and we didn’t have anything to shoot them with, because our weapons weren’t heavy enough to reach them,” he said. “Everything else has gone to Baghdad, and, as you know, Baghdad is controlled by the Iranian government, so they’re definitely not your friends.”  

“I’m just being very serious and honest,” he continued. “These people are the ones who are showing the little kids, before they go to the classrooms, to chant ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ so I don’t know why they’re the ones keeping the support, and the guys that are doing the real fighting are just standing watching. So I hope the politics change a little bit. You know, distinguishing between friends and enemies is very important.”

“I’ve lived in the West myself, and they ask me why is that, you know, you are so pro-Western in your support, pro-American in your support, pro-democratic… but somehow it’s always the enemies that are receiving the proper aid,” Ferhang said, complaining about the corruption of the Iraqi government, then adding sarcastically: “You guys have seen it, the way the Iraqi army fights.”

He said the evil of ISIS was even worse than what American audiences see in movie and television fiction.  

“It’s against humanity. It’s pure evil. It’s so clear, when you look at the situation here, what’s good, what’s bad. We’re not talking about a conflict between two countries, or two groups, about territory or anything like that. We’re talking about humanity and evil,” Ferhang emphasized.  

“So it’s just puzzling for me, for our friends to be so slow,” he sighed. “I mean, that’s not to say that we are not so thankful of every single bullet or airstrike, that comes from the coalition airstrikes. Of course we are.” He also took the opportunity to thank the “many special friends” from the United States and Europe who have come to aid the Kurdish people and the Peshmerga as volunteers.   

“The important thing is, if we deal with it seriously… because these people are dangerous to the whole world, and I’ve seen that for the past two years, and I’ve been screaming about it… look, these people are, you know, they want to come and knock on your door. It’s not just because we’re fighting them for the world here on the front line in Kurdistan. They’ve said that publicly. They’re against anything that is justice, and democracy, and freedom,” he warned about ISIS.

Given the scale and ferocity of the Islamic State menace, Ferhang and his fellow Peshmerga fighters couldn’t understand why “ISIS sympathizers are walking around in Europe with ISIS flags in their hands.”

“It’s just crazy,” he said. “They’re using our democracy against us.”

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You can listen to the full interview with Ferhang of the Peshmerga below: