Group Offers Top Ten Christian-Friendly Stores for Parents Who Oppose Target’s Transgender Promotion


A group that ranks businesses by their respect for Christian buyers has identified the top ten alternatives to Target, as more Americans walk away from Target for embracing the radical gay lobby and the transgender movement.

The group Faith Driven Consumer, which says it advocates for the 41 million Christian-minded Americans who spend $2 trillion annually, has responded to the #BoycottTarget movement with a hashtag campaign of its own: #BUYcottWalmart.

As part of its FaithEqualityIndex, the group has ranked and published a top ten list of the best alternatives to Target.

  • Hobby Lobby: 57/100
  • Walmart: 51/100
  • Aldi: 47/100
  • Academy Sports: 46/100
  • Cabela’s: 46/100
  • Toys”R”Us: 45/100
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond: 44/100
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: 42/100
  • Publix: 40/100
  • Trader Joe’s: 40/100

The list and the #BUYcottWalmart campaign comes after the Target department store chain decided released to allow men who claim to be transgendered to use whichever bathroom they feel like using at any given time, at the chain’s retail outlets across the nation.

Target’s announcement spurred #BoycottTarget, a campaign launched by the American Family Association. The effort proved so popular that the petition AFA started to accompany its campaign garnered over 500,000 signatures in only a few days.

In explanation of its new #BUYcottWalmart campaign, FDC’s founder, Chris Stone, noted that customers deserve to feel safe when shopping.

“There’s a critical business lesson to be learned with Target’s recent decision,” Stone said in a press release. “When including one group, don’t expressly exclude another. In its statement explaining why it is allowing men in women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, Target pointed out that inclusivity is at its core, and that everyone deserves to be protected equally.”

“However, hundreds of thousands of consumers around the country are expressing frustration because they specifically feel excluded by Target’s actions and, more importantly, unprotected and unsafe in Target stores,” Stone continued. “They have reacted by signing up to boycott the retailer. Our question to consumers is: So, you’ve decided to #BoycottTarget, now what?”

Transgenders comprise only about 0.03 percent of the American population, according to a study of the 2010 census. That’s roughly 1 person in every 2,400 people. Also, public opinion has shifted strongly in mid-April against Target’s transgender policy, according to a new poll.

“We believe,” Stone concluded, “a BUYcott offers consumers what they actually need and want. If you are unsatisfied with Target, the most effective way forward is a BUYcott—actively doing business with another brand that is a better fit for you. And in this case, that better fit is arch rival Walmart.”

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