Transgender Poll: Two-Thirds of Adults Back Donald Trump’s K-12 Bathroom Policy

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A new poll shows that a lopsided majority of Americans agree with Donald Trump’s states-first criticism of President Barack Obama’s push to establish the transgender ideology in K-12 schools.

Sixty-five percent of Americans agree with Trump that K-12 bathroom privacy rules should be first handled by state and local governments, according to the mid-May poll by Rasmussen Reports. Only 24 percent backed Obama’s policy of having the federal government “be responsible for setting bathroom policies in elementary and secondary schools,”

Obama’s May 13 directive, if implemented would use the power of the federal government in Washington D.C. to open the door of locker rooms and bathrooms used by 55,000 million K-12 kids in 100,000 schools — just to raise the status of a few hundred teenagers who insist they must dress like a person of the opposite sex even before they graduate from high-school. Obama’s far-reaching regulations do not require any test to verify a transgender student’s claim, they deny normal students any right to preserve the single-sex privacy of their bathrooms and locker rooms, and they deny voters and parents in local communities any right to protect the sexual privacy of their own children in schools.

“I believe it should be states’ rights and I think the states should make the decision, they’re more capable of making the decision,” Trump told the audience for ABC’s Good Morning America on May 13. When pressed, he repeated his pro-federalism policy: “I just think it should be states’ rights. I think many things actually should be states’ rights, but this is a perfect example of it,” he said.

Trump’s federalist, states-first policy has wide support across the political spectrum. The Rasmussen poll showed that two-thirds of Americans preferred a K-12 bathroom policy be set by state or local governments. That federalist approach is backed by 65 percent of adults, 58 percent of African-Americans, 54 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of independents, and 67 percent of parents with children at home. 

In contrast, Obama’s demand that K-12 bathroom policy should be set and enforced by central government in Washington D.C. is backed by only 36 percent of Democrats, by 22 percent of political independents, by 23 percent of women, by 31 percent of blacks, and by 18 percent of non-black minorities, according to the Rasmussen poll.  

In fact, Obama’s federal-government-first approach is only backed by half of people who agree with his goal of allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of the opposite biological sex, the poll said. 

The poll of 1,000 adults also asked respondents “Do you favor or oppose allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of the opposite biological sex?”

Fifty-one percent opposed the goal, 16 percent declined to answer, and only 33 percent supported the notion of “allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of the opposite biological sex.” 

But half of that 33 percent prefer the decisions be made by state or local governments. That leaves Obama’s policy of federally enforced inclusion of transgenders in K-12 bathrooms supported by perhaps one-fifth or one-sixth of Americans.

That’s also a problem for Hillary Clinton, who has cautiously backed Obama’s policy to win the support of far-left progressives. 

“Hillary Clinton applauds the Obama administration for taking actions this week to stand up for the rights of LGBT people–and particularly for the rights of transgender people–across the country,” Clinton spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa told The Washington Post mid-May. “As president, she will fight to make sure all Americans can live their lives free from discrimination.”

Obama’s forced loss of sexual privacy is backed by only 33 percent of adults, only 35 percent of women, only 37 percent of people under age 40, only 29 percent of men under age 40, only 32 percent of blacks, but by also by 50 percent of Democrats, 44 percent of people who earned between $200,000 and $200,000 per year, and 51 percent of government employees.

In addition, Obama’s push to end sexual privacy by forcing normal students to accept transgenders in their bathrooms and locker rooms is opposed by 57 percent of man and 46 percent of women, by 53 percent of black, 36 percent of Democrats, 50 percent of political independents, 56 percent of married people, 55 percent of people earning $30,000 to $50,000.

In contrast, Obama’s plans for transgender, mixed-sex bathrooms is opposed by at least 51 percent of the Rasmussen respondents, and likely more, given that many of the people who support Obama’s pro-transgender policy prefer the debates and decisions to be made at the state and local level.

The Rasmussen poll complements other polls which show broad public sympathy for people who think they are members of the opposite sex — and growing public opposition to the ideology being pushed by Obama and the pro-transgender groups.

Those ideological demands include an end to single-sex bathrooms and shower rooms, and eventually, the elimination of any recognition that men and women are different and complementary, while also legally equal.

In general, the hard-left progressive factions that support transgender rights push an ideology that says people should freely chose their own fluid “gender,” and that the idea of changeable gender should legally replace and stigmatize the public’s view of men and women as members of the two equal, different, complementary and always fraternizing sexes. 

Obama’s national bathroom policy is to be enforced by threats of funding cuts and lawsuits. They policy includes a variety of supporting regulations which gag K-12 students who oppose the loss of their sexual privacy, forces all student to use a new transgender-boosting dialect, and exclude parents.

A growing number of gay activists and professionals also oppose Obama’s push to establish the transgender ideology in schools.

So far, students in two schools have rebelled against the pro-transgender, anti-science policy that seeks to eliminate the popular support for two equal, complementary and different sexes. 


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