EXCLUSIVE — Greek-Americans Join National Diversity Coalition for Trump, Meet with RNC


The National Diversity Coalition for Trump — a group of leaders from several ethnic groups — is holding a closed-door meeting with the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Friday.

“There is 35 of us ethnic leaders that are meeting with the RNC this Friday, a closed-door meeting, and we’re meeting with the strategic initiatives team to discuss how we can better represent the community and get Donald Trump’s support on behalf of the entire communities,” stated Christos Marafatsos, Founder of Blue Sky Capital and Financier, who is overseeing the outreach to Greek and Cypriot Americans.

“The RNC invited the NDC for Trump to meet with us,” an RNC official told TIME earlier this month, confirming the meeting.

Marafatsos explained the National Diversity Coalition for Trump “was designed to help show support [and] that Donald Trump supports these ethnic communities and would be the right president.”

“We support Donald Trump and his solutions [to] strengthen communities, foster job creation, support small businesses, and support faith and family principles with conservative action,” he added.

“They made me advisor within the Greek community,” Marafatsos explained, saying he is handling all Greek-American issues and representing the entire community, which is upwards of an estimated three million voters.

According to Marafatsos, officials from the Trump campaign will be communicating with the coalition. Marafatsos added of the coalition leaders:

Each of us are individuals that are well represented, we’re well-known and can really make a difference if we get a president that will be supportive in understanding each community’s need. I think he’s one of the first [presidential candidates] that has actually done something like this — being open to an initiative and coalition of each community telling him what they’re going through, what they want and also letting them come together and show they’re support.

Marafatsos explained that some of the ethnic groups represented in the coalition include: African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Asian-Americans, Koreans, and Greeks.

Marafatsos is putting his own money into Greek outreach. “It’s going to be good and there’s a lot of Greeks out there … and especially within American politics, there hasn’t been a representative like this.”

He’s planning on launching the hashtag #Greeks4Trump, which will feature a series of Greek fundraisers for Donald Trump.

“They’re ecstatic about it,” Marafatsos added, in reference to several people who have already expressed interest in the coalition.


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