Donald Trump Scoffs at ‘Golf and Grandkids’ Cover Story for Runway Rendezvous of Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton


Donald Trump is scoffing at the official claim that the covert runway rendezvous between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch was just an impromptu chat about golf and grandkids.

“I love my grandchildren, but if I talk about them for more than nine or 10 seconds, after that, what are you going to say?” Trump said at Western Republican Conference in Denver, Colorado, on Friday, according to ABC News. “I love golf, but after speaking about golf for a couple minutes, it’s tough.”

But Lynch is expected to decide whether to prosecute Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2016. She’s now under FBI investigation over her home-brew email server. Also, Bill Clinton is entangled in federal investigations related to the Clinton Foundation.

Lynch is denying that she talked about the email investigation with Bill, and claimed the conversation was about golf and grandchildren.

But Lynch and Clinton tried to meet in secret on an aircraft parked in Phoenix airport. Their meeting was exposed by a diligent local TV reporter.

The local TV reporter who exposed the secret meeting said Lynch’s FBI guards tried to prevent any filming of the meeting. “The FBI there, on the tarmac, instructed everybody around, ‘No photos. No pictures. No cellphones … [Clinton] then gets off [Lynch’s] plane, gets on his own plane, he departs, she continues on with her planned visit,” KNXV-TV anchor Christopher Sign told Bill O’Reilly on Fix News, Thursday night.




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