Exclusive Video: Inside The Massive Anti-Hillary Protest Outside DNC in Philly

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as Hillary Clinton delivered her acceptance speech Thursday night. The protesters included a diverse group of leftwing activists that included hundreds of radical anarchists and communists and thousands of peaceful supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Throughout the week, Breitbart News documented the protests at the DNC against Hillary Clinton building momentum despite extreme heat and humidity. Thursday, weather reports of torrential rain and potential flash flooding did little to dampen the size of the crowd and fortunately for the protesters, there only ended up being a little rain.

Breitbart News sent a team of correspondents with a video crew from Ground Floor Video and a security detail into the heart of the protests and broadcast live for more than three hours. During the broadcast, we filmed flag burnings, fights, and interviewed dozens of people. While the protesters held a diverse range of ideas and tactics one common theme emerged: they will never support Hillary Clinton.

The entire broadcast can be viewed here and here (Parts 1 and 2) to get an inside view of the massive demonstration. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Vermin Supreme Is The Voice Of Reason

The conflict between violent agitators and peaceful Bernie supporters was a consistent narrative all week. On Wednesday night, during a flag burning, a protester caught fire while trying to dance on a burning flag – instant karma – and another protester sprayed lighter fluid on the ground near the flames. As cameras and protesters and media unwittingly pressed towards the hazardous situation it was Vermin Supreme, a lesser known 2016 presidential candidate (best known for the boot he wears on his head), who jumped into the center of the action and convinced people to move back by starting a chant of “take one step back.”

On Thursday night, it was Vermin Supreme once again de-escalating a situation, this time by creating space for people crushed against a gate that wasn’t budging. Noticing that a lot of the people creating the push were media, Vermin shouted, “look there is a flag burning,” and once again starting a chant of “take one step back.” Breitbart News asked him about his role de-escalating situations throughout the week.

Interview With Mike Cernovich As Red Flag Communists Storm The Gates

During one of the most intense moments of the night, the Breitbart News crew followed a large group led by the red-flag communists as they tried to take down one of the gates of the DNC perimeter wall. In the center of the crowd pressing up against the gate, Breitbart News spotted Danger and Play’s Mike Cernovich in the thick of it and talked about alternative media and journalism.

Trump Girl Trolls #Demexit Protesters

A crowd had gathered around a protester with a bullhorn who was holding a mock trial of Hillary Clinton. When he asked the crowd if anyone had other charges they’d like to bring against Hillary, a girl wearing a “Make the Phillies Great Again” hat took the bullhorn and drew a gasp from the crowd. Breitbart News caught up with her a couple minutes later and the epic trolling continued.

Iszzy from WizzyProDizzy Spreads Knowledge

Early in the night, a large crowd had gathered around a young black man passionately speaking about how the DNC and the media were blocking the protests message from getting out. He slammed Clinton for the double standard and even told Breitbart News that he was probably going to vote for Donald Trump.

American Flag Burns As Hillary Speaks

One of the most difficult parts of the night was watching another flag burning. During the week, Breitbart News saw several flag burnings and each time it was difficult not to stop being a journalist and take action.


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