Univision’s Jorge Ramos Gets Mexico’s Vicente Fox to Curse at Donald Trump Again

Jorge Ramos and Vicente Fox CBS

Jorge Ramos, part-time TV-anchor on Univision and full-time advocate for increased immigration, invited a former Mexican president to curse  at Donald Trump after Trump held a high-risk meeting with Mexico’s current president on Wednesday.

In February, Ramos asked Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, about Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for an improved border wall between the two countries. “I’m not going to pay for that f…. wall,” Fox said, generating much media coverage.

Today, after Trump met with the current president in Mexico, Ramos invited Fox back for another interview. Ramos replayed the February tape, and asked Fox, “Are you ready to repeat that?”

Fox quickly obliged Ramos. “We Mexicans are not going to pay for that f…. wall,” Fox replied on Ramos’s Fusion TV show.

Trump “should put his knees to the ground and pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe first and then ask for forgiveness for the way he offended Mexicans,” Fox added. “He offended you Jorge Ramos, and he offended the migrants in the United States,” Fox said.

Since late Tuesday night, Ramos has posted a stream of anti-Trump tweets, reflecting Ramos’s personal dislike of Trump, and especially of Trump’s border reform that would likely slow the northward flow of Spanish-speaking migrants into Univision’s broadcast zones.

Here’s a sample of Ramos’s Spanish-language and English-language tweets in the last 24 hours, followed by translations, if needed:

“@epn” refers to Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s current president. Ramos clearly dislikes Nieto, who was elected to a six-year term in 2012. But Nieto’s ratings have sunk into the mid-20s as the nation’s economy has slowed. That decline is spurring other Mexican politicians to start competing for his job.

And that is the president who will defend Mexicans?
And that’s the President That is going to defend all Mexicans? @epn

Ramos was also angry that Trump dominated the press conference.

Incredible that Trump controlled the press conference and chose who asked the questions, while only @epn he was watching


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