WATCH: SNL Finally Goes After Liberals with Hilarious Skit ‘The Bubble’

WATCH: SNL Finally Goes After Liberals with Hilarious Skit ‘The Bubble’

After months of heavy-handed slams on Donald Trump and decades taking potshots at conservatives, Saturday Night Live (SNL) decided this weekend to offer a skit lampooning liberals and their sophomoric inability to cope with a Trump presidency.

Titled “The Bubble,” the skit purports to offer progressive Americans the ultimate “safe space” to live in a homogenous community where “diversity” reigns, oblivious to the world around them — a section of New York City, literally covered over with a transparent bubble.

In their domed community, self-proclaimed “free thinkers” can live in a make-believe world while visiting used bookstores, driving hybrid cars, and drinking raw milk.

Even the liberal Vanity Fair couldn’t help smiling at the incisive humor, noting that SNL “has finally found a way to mercilessly skewer clueless liberals” and in so doing, “gets to one of the root issues of the 2016 election.”

Writing in Vanity Fair, Joanna Robinson acknowledges SNL’s perennial bias against conservatives and observes that even their occasional “clumsy attempts at even-handedness” always “fell flat.”

But “this week’s clever sketch, ‘The Bubble,’” Robinson proclaims, “explores why safety-pin-wearing progressives, ensconced in their safe, liberal (usually online) space where nobody disagrees with them (and anyone who does can get muted, blocked, unfriended, or reported), might not be as aware as they think of what’s going on in the rest of the nation.”

Of course, despite their mantra of diversity, only “safe” websites and inane bar conversations replete with “vehement agreement” are allowed in the Bubble, “a fully functioning city-state” where one-room apartments start at $1.9 million.

Who knows? Maybe SNL just tapped into an enormous viewer base that everybody else missed.

Except Trump. Oh, and Breitbart News.

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