‘Cereal Killer’: WSJ Hails Kellogg’s Fight a Win for Breitbart

Recording artist Nick Carter appears with Kellogg's Tony the Tiger at the announcement of The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards at the Hudson Theater August 15, 2002 in New York City. Ten finalists, recognized for overcoming personal challenges, will receive a $10,000 college scholarship and a chance to appear with …
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The Wall Street Journal concludes that Kellogg’s politically-driven decision to pick a food fight with Breitbart has bruised its brand.

“There’s a cereal killer on the loose,” the Journal reports, referring to Breitbart News’ #DumpKelloggs petition, which has reached north of 400,000 signatures since it launched last month.

The Journal acknowledges that while executives from companies like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Hobby Lobby have pushed partisan politics to positive effect in the past, “The recent backlash against Kellogg and other companies shows that political stances can come with costs.”

“One way to assess the damage to companies’ bottom lines is their stock prices since Mr. Trump’s surprise victory,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Kellogg shares have underperformed peers General Mills and Post Holdings by 4.4 and 11.5 points, respectively.”

Indeed when obscure left-wing advocacy groups pushed a social media campaign to coerce companies away from advertising on Breitbart, Kellogg’s quickly complied.

Kellogg’s spokesman Kris Charles said Breitbart News and its tens of millions of readers “aren’t aligned with” the cereal maker’s “values as a company.”

Turns out, Charles was right.

After the Michigan-based company’s calculated attack on Breitbart, it was uncovered that Kellogg’s politically motivated nonprofit has close ties to radical anti-American billionaire George Soros, hate group Black Lives Matter, and deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro — to say nothing of the fact that Kellogg’s has been accused of alleged racism toward factory workers and profiting from the use of child labor.

Check here for the dozens of Kellogg’s brands.

Sign the #DumpKelloggs boycott petition here.


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