Armed Citizen Intervenes, Shoots Suspect Allegedly Beating Woman in Convenience Store

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A citizen “legally carrying” a handgun demanded a suspect stop attacking a woman in a convenience store then shot the suspect twice when he refused the demands.

The incident occurred at the Columbia Avenue One Stop in Holland, Michigan, around 10:20 pm on February 9.

According to WUSA, “Officers were originally called out to deal with a subject who was acting disorderly.” But when they arrived, they learned the disorderly conduct had allegedly escalated into an all-out assault on a 39-year-old woman and that the 29-year-old suspect had been shot twice to end the attack.

Police indicated that a 43-year-old witness tried to stop the assault only to have the suspect turn and begin assaulting him. At that point, the 43-year-old opened fire, striking the suspect twice.

A press release from the Holland Police Department says:

The female victim and the suspect were involved in a domestic relationship.  The suspect was reported to be initially intimidating the victim and other customers in the store. One of those customers left and called 911. The video shows the victim to be visibly afraid, and at one point tries to escape. The suspect violently punched the victim several times and threw her down to the ground, and it is at that point that the customer arrives and tries to intervene. The suspect immediately turned and violently attacked the customer. The customer indicated that the suspect tried to grab his gun, and he then shot the suspect twice. The female victim did indicate that she feared the suspect would beat her to death if the customer did not intervene. The female victim was transported to the hospital for injuries and was then released.

Holland Police said the suspect in the assault was already wanted for other charges. He is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

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