Planned Parenthood Supporter Who Allegedly Shoved Wet Maxi Pad into Pro-Life Activist’s Mouth Arrested


A woman in Ashland, Oregon, who allegedly assaulted a pro-life activist by shoving a wet sanitary napkin into his mouth has been arrested.

Valerie Starushok, 21, approached the pro-life activist on January 27, the day of the March for Life, in front of a Planned Parenthood facility and “struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin,” says an Ashland police report. Starushok also allegedly yelled profanities at the activist as the video shows:

“Eat this [expletive] pad, you c**k face!” Starushok allegedly shouted at the activist.

The pro-life activist is heard in the video saying he would have to call police. The activist said the woman caught him off-guard and “shoved her bloody maxi pad into [his] mouth.”

NBC affiliate KOBi5 reports Starushok turned herself in to police and was lodged in the Jackson County jail on one count of harassment.


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