Sheriff Clarke on Leftist Violence: ‘It’s Going to Get Cops Killed’

david clarke fox

After violent leftist “Black Resistance” protests Friday night in North Philadelphia led to the injury of three police officers and the arrest of four people, outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on an episode of Fox & Friends Weekend and said “This stuff is disastrous. It’s going to get cops hurt; it’s going to get cops killed.”

On Friday, over one hundred protesters affiliated with the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice gathered near City Hall, blocked traffic, and began violent confrontations with the police. During the clashes, three officers were injured after being hit with pepper spray and black spray paint. The leftist protesters burned an American flag.

As FoxNews reported, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he “wants to see cops advance as soon as vandalism and violence break out at these types of protests, since it is impossible in large crowds to determine exactly who is causing the commotion” and went on to say, “It is unreasonable for us to determine who are the peaceful protesters and who are the resistors,” Clarke said. “This is a resistance movement.”

It is not the first time that Clarke has had harsh words about an incident in Philadelphia. In 2015 there was a point-blank ambush of a police officer carried out by Edward Archer, who said he was acting in the name of ISIS. The incident was caught on video.

As Breitbart News reported, Sheriff Clark said the man “should be charged with treason … charged as an enemy combatant, held at Gitmo, and he should not have access to American courts.”


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