Man Sentenced to 7 Years for Allegedly Biting off Head of Girlfriend’s Puppy

Man Allegedly Sentenced to 7 Years for Biting off Head of Girlfriend’s Puppy

A man in Puerto Rico was sentenced to seven years in prison for allegedly biting off the head of his girlfriend’s Chihuahua puppy and punching his girlfriend.

A judge also ordered Luis Arroyo, 40, to pay a $3,000 fine in addition to the prison sentence for charges of domestic abuse and mistreatment of the puppy, the Daily Mail reported.

El Vocero reported that the 2-month-old puppy died instantly.

Arroyo had been living with his girlfriend for about six months and had no history of domestic abuse, according to Primera Hora.

Arroyo pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend, the owner of the dog.

The incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. in February in the mountain town of Lares, located an hour and a half away from San Juan.

Arroyo is being held at the Las Cucharas Correctional Complex.


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