VIDEO: Two Men Brawl on Los Angeles Bound Flight from Japan, One Arrested

Airplane Brawl

One man was arrested for allegedly choking a flight attendant after two men started a fight on a plane bound for Los Angeles from Japan before the plane took off Monday.

Video footage captured the two men on an All Nippon Airways Flight from Narita International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport throwing punches at each other from their seats, the Daily Mail reported.

Corey Hour, a passenger seated three rows away who witnessed the fight and caught it on camera, told CBS Los Angeles that the fight began when a man wearing a red and white Hawaiian shirt started speaking aggressively towards a man in a black shirt.

Hour said he heard the man in the Hawaiian shirt say to the man in the black shirt, “Where are you from?” and “I’ll kill you.”

Soon after, the man in the Hawaiian shirt began assaulting his seatmate while a mother, grandmother, and young child in the row in front of them ducked for safety, according to Hour.

Hour said the man in the black shirt tried to intervene, but then began to brawl with the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

“Someone help! This guy is crazy,” one person shouted while airline personnel tried to break up the fight.

Other passengers were saying “please stop” while a baby cried in the background.

The Hawaiian-shirted man walked away while the man in the black shirt shouted, “Get this guy off this plane.”

A flight attendant intervened to try to separate the two men.

Just when the brawl appeared to have stopped, the man wearing the brightly-colored shirt returned to throw more punches at the black-shirted man.

Japan Today reported that the man in the Hawaiian shirt is a 44-year-old American man who was charged with assault after he allegedly choked an ANA flight attendant on his way off the plane.

An ANA spokesperson told the New York Daily News that the flight left almost two hours behind schedule.


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