Poll: Voters Back Trump’s Safeguards on Islamic Arrivals


A majority of likely voters say President Donald Trump’s curbs on travel to the United States from Islamic countries are intended to exclude terrorists, not just Islamic believers, according to a Rasmussen poll.

Fifty-two percent of 1,000 likely voters agreed that “resident Trump’s order seeking to impose this temporary travel ban is aimed at … Keeping terrorists out.”

In contrast, 39 percent of respondents said Trump’s decision was “blocking Muslims from entering the United States.”

The results are compatible with a June 29 to June 30 survey of 1989 registered voters by Morning Consult and Politico. Their survey showed that 65 percent of people supported a new rule which requires foreigners from the six chaotic Muslim countries to show a relationship with an American organization or person to justify their entering the country.

The survey did not provide any background information about the rule, which is being pushed by the Supreme Court despite long-standing laws which give the president near-total authority to set rules for foreigners’ entry into the United States.

Rasmussen’s June to June 5 poll showed a sharp partisan split, with 74 percent of Republican but only 28 percent of Democrats agree the temporary curbs were intended to exclude terrorists.

Fifty-six percent of independents and 49 percent of moderates agreed the curbs are aimed at terrorists.

Sixty-nine percent of liberals say the curbs are aimed at Muslims, while 73 percent of conservatives say the curbs are intended to excluded terrorists.

Anoetrh Rasmussen July 2 to July 3 poll of 1,000 likely voters showed that 49 percent of respondents believe existing rules make it too easy for terrorists to enter the United States. Twenty-six percent of liberals and 32 percent of Democrats agreed with that statement.

Eight percent of self-described Democrats and 9 percent of liberals picked “too hard” when they were asked “s it too easy or too hard for potential terrorists to enter the United States? Or is the level of difficulty about right?”

In contrast, 75 percent of conservatives, 71 percent of Republicans believe it is too easy for terrorists to enter the United States. Thirty-eight percent of moderates and 47 percent of swing-voting independents say entry is too easy.

Prior polls show that strong majorities of Americans want to exclude supporters of Islam’s Sharia law and terrorists, not all Muslims. Other polls show the public supports President Donald Trump’s low-immigration, high-wage policies.




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