DHS Shutting DACA Backdoor to Citizenship

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The Department of Homeland Security has just closed a bureaucratic backdoor which allowed roughly 4o,000 young illegals to get Green Cards via former President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty.

The closure was buried in a September 5 statement from the DHS agency, which said the agency:

Will not approve any new Form I-131 applications for advance parole under standards associated with the DACA program, although it will generally honor the stated validity period for previously approved applications for advance parole … Further, USCIS will—of course—retain the authority to revoke or terminate an advance parole document at any time.

Will administratively close all pending Form I-131 applications for advance parole filed under standards associated with the DACA program, and will refund all associated fees.

The closure comes on the same day that President Donald Trump announced he is winding down the 2012 quasi-amnesty for 800,000 younger illegals.

The “Advanced Parole” backdoor to citizenship was created by Obama’s officials after he announced his June 2012 decision to stop enforcing immigration laws against the young illegals and to award instead them work permits and Social Security numbers.

The Advanced Parole process works like this: DACA illegals asked officials in Obama’s Department of Homeland Security if they could go home for an emergency and be allowed back into the United States under “Advanced Parole” status. The status was previously reserved for a few emergencies, such as a sick traveler on an international flight. The illegals applied for Advanced Parole by filing an I-131 application form.

Once approval was granted, the DACA illegal went home — usually to Mexico — and was then allowed to return to the United States via the legal process.

The legal return allowed them to use many other features in the immigration law to file for Green Cards status.

Once given a Green Card, the former illegal can gain citizenship and voting rights after several years. So far, 1,056 DACA illegals are gotten citizenship via the process. 

Citizenship gives the former illegals full access to U.S. federal spending programs, and also the “chain migration” right to seek citizenship for the parents who brought the illegals into the United States as children.

A September 1 statement from the Senate judiciary committee revealed that the Advanced Parole backdoor had been used by 40,000 illegals to apply for Green Cards.

Preliminary data provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in response to recent inquiries from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees indicate that the Obama administration allowed thousands of DACA recipients to exploit an immigration law loophole to obtain green cards. The data also show that more than a thousand DACA recipients have already obtained citizenship. The DACA program was never intended to provide a pathway to citizenship, and the program’s legal future is in jeopardy.

As of August 21, 2017, 45,447 DACA recipients have been approved for advance parole through an I-131 Application for travel documents. This approval allows a DACA recipient to travel out of the country and legally return, making them eligible to adjust their immigration status and receive a green card.  Another 3,993 had their applications denied.

The data provided indicates 59,778 DACA recipients have applied for Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status—also known as a ‘green card’—and 39,514 have been approved.  Of those who received LPR status, 2,181 have applied for U.S. citizenship and 1,056 have become U.S. citizens.

The September 5 DHS statements suggest that the agency will continue to approve roughly 5,000 Advanced Parole forms that are already approved, but unused by illegals. However, the DHS statement also noted that it retains the authority to cancel any of the 5,000 applications, depending on the circumstances.


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