SOUR GRAPES: Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump as a ‘Deplorable’ ‘Reality TV Star’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton trashed President Trump in an interview Sunday, calling him a “deplorable reality TV star.”

“Well, I thought Trump was behaving in a deplorable manner. I thought a lot of his appeals to voters were deplorable. I thought his behavior as we saw on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was deplorable,” Clinton told CBS’s “Sunday Morning.”

“And there were a large number of people who didn’t care. It did not matter to them. And he turned out to be a very effective reality TV star,” she added.

Clinton referred to her previous statements trashing Trump and his supporters on the 2016 campaign trail, doubling down on her claims that Trump voters are a “basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable.”

The former presidential candidate was on the show promoting her book about the 2016 election, What Happened, which will be released September 12.

Clinton called the election a “reality show” and suggested that Trump did not fully understand what he signed up for when he decided to run for president.

“We have a reality show that leads to the election of a president. He ends up in the Oval Office. He says, ‘Boy, it’s so much harder than I thought it would be. This is really tough. I had no idea.’ Well, yeah, because it’s not a show. It’s real. It’s reality for sure,” Clinton said.

Clinton has hit the speaking circuit bashing Trump and his voters. At an event in New York City on Thursday, she told her audience that “angry voters” caused her defeat and that there needs to be “sacred resistance” against Trump.


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