Don Jr. Blasts Gloria Allred After Bombshell Admission of Forgery

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File

Donald “Don” Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, unloaded on leftist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred Friday, after it became clear her star client, Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, forged portions of her “proof” yearbook inscription.

Don Jr. then mocked Allred on Twitter asking if she had secured a conflict waiver:

Lawyers, by the ethical code that binds the profession, must avoid taking steps that put other’s interests above their clients’ own. Trump’s implication is that Allred’s handling of the yearbook has been so poor that she has, in effect, put her own publicity and celebrity over Nelson’s case.

The yearbook as a piece of evidence supporting the allegation Moore tried to sexually assault Nelson in the 1970s, fell apart Friday after Allred and Nelson appeared on ABC News, admitting Nelson had, in fact, forged sections of the inscription Allred had claimed at the initial press conference announcing the accusation. The admittedly falsified section was the most crucial part, placing Moore at the scene of the alleged assault.

Allred planned a major press Friday afternoon to follow up the bombshell admission. All television networks opted to not carry the press conference, sparing Allred and Nelson the continuing humiliation of their admission. Fox News did, however, stream the conference on their facebook. Nelson continues to claim the other aspects of her story are true.


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