Roy Moore: ‘It’s Difficult to Drain the Swamp When You’re Up to Your Neck in Alligators’

Roy Moore Rally

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore vowed to drain the swamp if he is elected to office, making his final argument to win over voters in Alabama on Monday night.

“It’s difficult to drain the swamp when you’re up to your neck in alligators,” he said after taking the stage.

Moore cited attacks from all sides, pointing to well-funded opponents from both parties and anonymous political groups who wanted to destroy his reputation.

“We’ve been intimidated, other people have been intimidated, and we’re tired of it,” he said.

Moore cited “fake news” stories and the “terrible disgusting” story from the Washington Post accusing him of pursuing inappropriate relationships with high school-aged girls.

He also questioned the decision by his accusers, just 30 days before his election, to come forward, despite his long political career in Alabama.

Moore also pointed to a Fox News poll reporting that his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, was ten points ahead when other polls showed Moore with a comfortable lead.

“Somebody isn’t telling the truth, and we’re gonna find out tomorrow, and actions are going to speak louder than words,” Moore said. “All this mess is going to be over tomorrow with a vote. The verdict rests on the people of Alabama.”

Moore again talked about his values, noting that he opposed abortion and supported traditional marriage between a man and a woman and blocking transgenders from the military and from the bathrooms of their opposite gender. He reminded the audience that he was a man who trusted God, served his country in the military, and stood up for the values of the United States.

“If you don’t believe in my character, don’t vote for me,” he said, prompting cheers of “Moore! Moore! Moore!”

He promised to help repeal Obamacare, end Common Core, and cited his support for the Raise Act to help stop illegal immigration. He also vowed to support and fund the military.

Moore continued his tradition of quoting the Bible and speeches of the Founding Fathers. He compared the current state of America to the Biblical leaders of the Old Testament who turned away from God.

“I want to make America Great Again with President Trump,” he said. “I want America great, but I want America good, and she can’t be good until we go back to God. One nation, under God.”


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