USA Today: Amnesty Debate Is About 3.6 Million ‘Dreamers,’ not Just 800,000 DACA Illegals


USA Today has frankly admitted what establishment media outlets are eager to hide: That the media-touted amnesty for up to 800,000 ‘DACA’ illegals is actually a ‘dreamer’ amnesty for 3.6 million illegals.

The newspaper wrote January 18:

The political debate over the fate of “DREAMers” — undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — has overlooked just how many there are in the country today: about 3.6 million.

That number of people whose lives risk being uprooted is not widely known, in large part because so much public attention has been focused recently on 800,000 mostly young DREAMers accepted into the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program …

While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably, the terms are “not a distinction without a difference,” said House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

The article’s headline was: “There are 3.6M ‘DREAMers’ — a number far greater than commonly known.”

Many pro-amnesty legislators — and many newspaper outlets — routinely conflate the very different ‘DACA’ and ‘Dreamer’ terms. This conflation allows them to suggest that the Democrats’ huge DREAM Act amnesty for 3.6 million illegals — and eventually, their parents and chain-migration relatives — is a smaller amnesty for the ‘DACA’ illegals, whose estimated population ranges from 670,000 to 800,000.

The error is often accompanied by others. For example, many establishment outlets incorrectly describe illegal aliens as “immigrants,” similar to roughly 1.1 million legal immigrants who arrive each year. Many outlets also tout the illegals as ‘dreamers,’ as if young Americans are not dreamers.

Breitbart News routinely notes the difference and the scale of two amnesty terms, but many established media outlets routinely ignore or hide the differences.

The Associated Press got the facts wrong on January 18 when it portrayed the “Gang of Six” amnesty for millions of’dreamers’ as a smaller ‘DACA’ amnesty.

They also come as lawmakers struggle to reach a bipartisan deal protecting “dreamers” — around 800,000 people who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children and could be deported without legal protections.

Politico made the same error on declared January 18:

Senate Democrats — furious with Trump for his reversal last week on a bipartisan Senate [Gang of Six] plan to protect 700,000 young immigrants from deportation — have signaled a new willingness to take a harder line.

The “Gang of Six” amnesty would cover far more than just the DACA population, and would even include the illegals’ illegal-immigrant parents. Three reporters at Politico made the error on  January 16:

Congressional Democrats face a critical decision this week as negotiations to shield 700,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation stall: Are they willing to shut down the government to protect Dreamers?

Sometimes, D.C. outlets simply get the terms confused. reported December 23;

About 690,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children, known as “Dreamers,” depend on the program to live and work in the United States.
Trump left it up to Congress to find a legislative fix for recipients of the program but, after other priorities got in the way, Congress will not take up a DACA fix until at least January.

The Washington Post was also confused on January 1o:

The Trump administration vowed Wednesday to fight a federal injunction that temporarily blocked its plans to rescind work permits for young undocumented [DACA] immigrants, insisting that Congress must find a solution for those known as “dreamers.”…

That effort was upended late Tuesday, when U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said the nearly 690,000 DACA recipients must retain their work permits and protection from deportation while a lawsuit challenging the decision to end the program moves forward.

Sometimes, the media quietly blurs the difference. The Washington Post reported January 14:

The developments together stand to undermine bipartisan talks aimed at shielding from deportation immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children, including the roughly 800,000 who secured work permits under the DACA program, created under President Barack Obama. Democrats have suggested that they could force a government shutdown Saturday unless an agreement protecting those “dreamers” is reached.

Frequently, an establishment outlet will shift the topic from the larger ‘dreamer’ population to the small population of ‘DACA’  illegals without alerting the readers. The New York Times reported January 10:

Perhaps more than any other single group of people in the country, the Dreamers, as these young immigrants are known, have had their lives shaped directly by the mood swings of national politics.

But in the four months since the Trump administration announced that it would shut down Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, the program that protects 800,000 young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, the goings-on in Washington have felt especially personal. While Congress engages in a high-stakes staring contest over a substitute program, immigrants have already begun losing their protections, exposing them to deportation.

The errors or are frequently echoed in Twitter, such as this Tweet which suggested that Democrats are only trying to win an amnesty for the smaller population of ‘DACA’ illegals.

Breitbart News is careful to make a distinction between the two populations of illegals. On January 14, for example, Breitbart News reported:

In numerous events, Trump has said he will OK an amnesty — likely with citizenship — for some of the 3.25 million younger ‘dreamer’ illegals, including the 670,000 DACA illegals, providing the Democrats agree to fund the border wall, cancel the visa lottery program and end the chain migration of extended-family members.

On November 13, Breitbart News explained the educational qualifications of the two groups:

Only four percent of ‘DACA’ recipients have completed college, far below the roughly 17 percent of similar-aged young Americans who have college degrees, according to data released by the Migration Policy Insitute, which favors immigration …

However, the DACA beneficiaries comprise only one-third of the roughly 1.78 million young illegals who are aged 15 or older in September 2017, according to the MPI data. If the roughly 30,000 DACA beneficiaries with four-year college degrees are compared to this larger group of 1.78 million, then only 1.7 percent of young ‘dreamer’ illegals aged 15 to 32 hold four-year college degrees.

In many articles, Breitbart News also provides the background data about the scale and economic impact of the federal economic policy of mass immigration which is rarely provided by establishment publications. On February 14, Breitbart News reported:

Four million Americans turn 18 each year and begin looking for good jobs in the free market.

But the federal government inflates the supply of new labor by annually accepting 1 million new legal immigrants, by providing work-permits to roughly 3 million resident foreigners, and by doing little to block the employment of roughly 8 million illegal immigrants.

The Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via mass-immigration floods the market with foreign laborspikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.

The cheap-labor policy has also reduced investment and job creation in many interior states because the coastal cities have a surplus of imported labor. For example, almost 27 percent of zip codes in Missouri had fewer jobs or businesses in 2015 than in 2000, according to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group. In Kansas, almost 29 percent of zip codes had fewer jobs and businesses in 2015 compared to 2000, which was a two-decade period of massive cheap-labor immigration.

Because of the successful cheap-labor strategy, wages for men have remained flat since 1973, and a large percentage of the nation’s annual income has shifted to investors and away from employees.




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