Angel Dad: ‘Treasonous’ Amnesty Puts ‘Foreign Invaders’ over ‘American Families’

Angel Dad Dan Golvach
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“There are the types of stories that CNN is never going to tell, neither is MSNBC or any of the other mainstream media outlets,” said Angel Dad Dan Golvach of the 2015 murder of his 25-year-old son by a previously deported illegal alien.

Golvach joined Breitbart News’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Monday for an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

News media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC align with Democrats in advocacy for amnestying illegal aliens while ignoring Angel Families and the broader consequences of illegal immigration, said Golvach.

“We have the whole of the Democratic Party — along with the Republican defectors — that are in both houses that have decided to put the interests and health and well-being of foreign invaders … ahead of American families,” said Golvach. “Do you think any of these Democrats or these bleeding hearts are going to put up one of their own kids as an offering, as a sacrifice to this agenda of theirs? No. It’s easy to sacrifice mine. … It’s just treasonous, and I’m sick of it. I’m sick and tired of Americans not being even mentioned in the mix.”

CNN markets itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet, billing itself “The Most Trusted Name In News.”

Golvach indicted politicians for facilitating the status quo of illegal immigration. “I will never forgive the politicians that have blood on their hands that have ushered this is on us. It’s not acceptable. I find it to be treasonous. I think they’re traitors.”

Democratic and Republican support for amnesty is grounded in building a political support base of voters and supplying cheap labor, respectively, said Golvach. “They keep this border open because it’s either conducive to importing future votes or keeping their cheap illegal labor donors happy. In my estimation, it’s treasonous. There’s a social contract between us and our government, and they have breached it. It’s not lawful, and it cost me my son’s life. It’s cost a lot of families their loved ones.”

Democrats and the broader left are seeking to remake American society via the importation of millions of foreigners unaligned with American values, said Golvach.

“This is life or death for our country,” said Golvach.

Americans are being sold out. We can’t be the lifeboat for everybody in the world. What happens when you put too many people in a lifeboat? It sinks. … This does not make America great again. This is a suicide pill. It’s suicidal altruism. What are we paying for? Why do we pay taxes? … Obviously, the left is trying to import a new ideology that will govern our country. The masses of people, unassimilated and in poverty, they’re not coming over here with Jeffersonian ideas. They’re not being assimilated. It is just suicide to do this.

America is being fragmented by the contemporary ethos of multiculturalism, said Marlow, contrasting the cultural visions of salad bowl and mosaic. Ties that bind American — cultural, social, political — are being eroded via multiculturalism, he added.

“We talk about assimilation on this show as a big deal,” said Marlow:

Multiculturalism used to all be about E Pluribus Unum, of many one, meaning that it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is or your background is, or where you’re from, or how long you’ve been here. We all want to be American, and now multiculturalism has kind of become those strange trays that they give you when you’re eating airline food or when you’re in the school cafeteria where everyone is confined to their own section so that the chicken doesn’t mix with the salad. … That’s sort of the way we’re designing our country, now, where people are not supposed to assimilate. They’re not supposed to absorb American values. They’re allowed to Balkanize themselves and to live within their own communities. It’s the sort of thing which is quite troubling. … America is more than just our geography. America is more than just our government. America is a set of values and beliefs that are far superior to any other country that’s ever been attempted in the history of mankind. That’s what America is all about. That concept has been totally lost.

In his 2004 book Who Are We?, the late Harvard professor Samuel Huntington described multiculturalism as an “anti-Western ideology”:

Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilization. It is, as one scholar said, a “movement opposed to the monocultural hegemony of Eurocentric values, which has generally resulted in the marginalization of other ethnic cultural values… [It is opposed to] narrow Eurocentric concepts of American democratic principles, culture, and identity.”

It is basically an anti-Western ideology.

Multiculturalists advance several propositions. First, America is composed of many different ethnic and racial groups. Second, each other these groups has its own distinctive culture. Third, the white Anglo elite dominant in American society has suppressed these cultures and compelled or induced those belonging to other ethnic or racial groups to accept the elite’s Anglo-Protestant culture. Fourth, justice, equality, and the rights of minorities demand that these suppressed cultures be liberated and that governments and private institutions encourage and support their revitalization. America is not and should not be a society with a single pervasive national culture. The melting pot and tomato soup metaphors do not describe the true America. America is instead a mosaic, a salad, or even a “tossed salad”.

Amnesty-supporting agitators display contempt for America in making their demands, said Golvach:

These people are coming in on their terms, they’re flying their flag, they’re speaking their language, and they’re saying, “Make America Mexico Again.” They’re holding up signs saying, “F*** Your Borders.” There’s no humility involved in what they’re doing. You watch them, and it’s just demands: “We demand this. We demand that. This is not your country. This is our country. You don’t have a right to decide who’s coming into your country, and you don’t have a right to your sovereignty, and this isn’t really a country, anymore.”

Donald Trump had promised Angel Families — as both a candidate and as president — that the deaths of their loved ones would “not be in vain,” said Golvach. “I’ve been in the room on numerous occasions with Donald Trump, when he was both a candidate and president. I’ve been the White House, and he promised us — the families that I was with that either lost kids or loved ones — he said, ‘Your loved ones’ deaths will not be in vain.’ He was unambiguous about this. He told us, ‘No amnesty. Period.’ This is not what we were sold.”

Golvach invited Americans to join an online petition titled, “NO DACA, NO DEALS!” via the Remembrance Project, an organization bringing together Angel Families pursuing immigration reform and border security. He encourages Americans to send respectful messages to Trump urging opposition to amnesty proposals for illegal aliens.

“We’re tired of this,” said Golvach, expressing the sentiments of Angel Families associated with the Remembrance Project. “We’re sick of it. We want the border secured. We want that border secure. It’s a terrible idea to any kind of amnesty without that border being secured. … Any sort of amnesty is rewarding those that thumb their noses at our immigration laws. It is not what we voted for.”

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