WATCH: Woman Smashes Popeyes Window in Anger over Soft Drink

A woman smashed the front window of a Popeyes restaurant, reportedly because she wasn't given a soda with her Wicked Good Deal.

A New York woman angry at Popeyes staff for not giving her a soda with her “Wicked Good Deal” combo meal cursed at employees and smashed a store window, police said.

Security footage of the Friday incident showed a woman cursing at the staff, throwing a cardboard sign advertising the combo deal against a door, and smashing a window with a chair.

The woman flipped out at staff after realizing her $4 Wicked Good Deal was not the good deal she anticipated because it did not include a soda, the New York Post reported.

The staff told the woman her meal would include chicken tenders, a buttermilk biscuit, and a side but no soft drink.

An employee told NBC New York the woman was likely drunk and mistook the Popeyes deal for Wendy’s $4 meal deal.

Police are searching for the woman in the video and are asking the public to be on the lookout for a woman between 18 and 25 years old with a pink bandanna, jeans, and a black jacket.


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