George Soros Funding Smartphone App to Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Law Enforcement

MCALLEN, TX - AUGUST 07: U.S. Border Patrol agents detain undocumented immigrants after th
File Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

A George Soros-funded smartphone app is meant to explicitly help the undocumented evade federal authority.

In an interview with Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs, Judicial Watch Director of Research Chris Farrell called the smartphone application “pretty outrageous.” In order to escape arrest, Farrell said that the app “provides notice to their friends and family, it alerts their attorney.” The app will also have automated alerts of any impending interaction with an immigration official, whether with the person in question, their family, or even their lawyer.

According to its website, it “gives you and your family a help button to alert key contacts if anyone is at risk of deportation.” Prospective users are told to “simply create your messages today and you will be ready to press a button for help when you or your family needs it. Alerts are designed to inform family members, legal advocates, and other contacts that the sender may have been detained by the police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

As Breitbart reported in 2017, “Notifica” is being developed by United We Dream, a team reportedly founded by an organization that receives taxpayer funding. Farrell questioned why such an app is even permitted to exist. On Fox, he wondered aloud why President Donald Trump’s Justice Department has not been more proactive about the potential abuse. “Here’s a prime example of somebody abusing the system and taking taxpayers’ dollars, and they choose not to [investigate],” he said. “Why?”


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