Nolte — Why Hillary Really Lost: Obama Didn’t Send Spies to Help Her Campaign

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. presi
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If you are stupid enough to believe the establishment media, the true Spygate scandal is that Hillary Clinton did not benefit from Barack Obama’s sending in his spies to spy on help her campaign.

The Deep State and its media minions keep desperately trying to reassure us that the Obama administration’s unprecedented spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was altruistic, that the idea was to “help” Trump avoid being compromised by the Russians. If that is the case, why, then, did Obama not order spies into Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

On his Wednesday radio show, this very good question was asked and answered by Rush Limbaugh.

“Why didn’t they have spies in Hillary’s campaign?” Limbaugh asked. “Why weren’t they trying to prevent Russian involvement in her campaign?”

Limbaugh then answered his own question with the only obvious answer.

“Because they were the ones orchestrating the Russian involvement. They were the ones trying to create it,” Limbaugh explained. “They didn’t warn Trump because they wanted there to be some collusion — and when there wasn’t any, they tried to make some. Running spies on [Trump foreign policy advisers George] Papadopoulos, Carter Page.”

That is exactly right. It was all a setup, a frame job, an attempt to entrap someone, anyone.

This was the infamous insurance policy being maneuvered into place.

The idea that America’s Axis of Partisan Espionage — Obama; his director of National Intelligence, James Clapper; and his FBI director, James Comey — spied using spies against the Trump campaign as a means to help Trump goes way beyond a howler.

Good heavens, it was one of Obama’s spies who planted the idea in the head of George Papadopoulos that the Russians were in possession of  Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails. In other words, these spying spies lit the fuse that caused the very event we have been told launched this spying operation.

Yes, that is where Papadopoulos got that idea the Russians had the emails; he got it from one of Obama’s spies — not from Donald Trump by way of a cuddling session with Vladimir Putin.

In between helping Trump with wiretaps and helping Trump by obtaining illicit FISA warrants using lies and helping Trump through unprecedented unmasking and helping Trump by paying for foreigners to gather false information from the Kremlin about Trump peeing on hookers and helping Trump with illegal leaks to a hostile media, it was Deep State spies telling Papadopoulos the Russians had the emails — which he later bragged about, the very act the lying FBI used to officially open a counter-intelligence spying operation that was, you know, already operational.

While I make the following point, please keep in mind that the premise is bullshit because there is absolutely no proof the Russians hacked anyone’s emails. Hillary’s campaign chief, John Podesta, was almost certainly hacked via a phishing scam, and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) still refuses to turn its servers over to the FBI, even as the fake news media demand we take the DNC’s word that the Russians were the hackers.

Nevertheless, if altruistic Barry and his altruistic band of spies were worried about Russian influence, and as altruistic Americans only wanted to help Trump avoid Russian influence on his campaign, why was Hillary not offered this same altruism?

After all, it was her campaign supposedly being targeted and hacked by the Russians. It was her most important ally, the DNC, being targeted and hacked by the Russians.

If any campaign was in desperate need of Obama’s spies spying on them for the good of all that is pure and noble about America, it was Hillary’s. If you believe this fake news, only one question remains: did Obama’s favoritism towards Trump cost Hillary the election?

This is the stupidest attempt at a coup I have ever seen.

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