Nolte: Hypocrite Jeb Bush Attacks Trump for Attacking Others

Jeb Bush Who Cares Screenshot Face the Nation

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush attacked President Trump Thursday because Trump attacks others. Yes, this actually happened.

Proving once again that he has no core, no solid set of established beliefs or principles that would enable him to communicate a consistency of thought, Bush made a public fool of himself with his glaring hypocrisy, and yet another example of the hopelessly muddled thinking that made him a non-starter as a 2016 presidential candidate.

Remember how it took Bush two weeks to answer a simple question about the Iraq War? It was like watching a monkey try to make love to a soccer ball slathered in grease.

Bush seemed then, and did again Thursday morning, like a craven and shallow politician who believes the only way to win elections is through appeasing the establishment media.

The nonsense Jeb spewed, especially when you look back at the Bush family history (which I will get to), beggars belief.

Here are the lowlights:

“I can’t imagine having to attack someone to make yourself look strong,” Bush said during his Squawk Box appearance as John Kerry choked on a croissant.

“[Winning the presidency] is not worth disparaging people — [by being] a racist, homophobe,” he added, as Willie Horton dropped his prison shiv.

“So to my Republican friends … you have to praise the president when he does good things…. But when he goes beyond the line, or anyone else does, for that matter, you have to stand on principle.”

“Public leaders have a responsibility to fortify the culture,” the 66-year-old former-governor said, in a direct attempt to shame Trump.

“Look I’m not a Never Trumper, and I think people get obsessed to the point where they cannot give him credit for the good things he has done.” Bush said, even though he is a resident of the swing state of Florida and did not vote for Trump in 2016.

When asked if he would run for office again, Bush laughably said he could not “imagine having to attack someone to make yourself look strong.”

And then came this blubbering BS, “The kind of campaign [Trump] ran would’ve never been successful a decade ago, or in the age of Reagan and Bush.”

Who does Jeb Bush think he’s kidding?

Now, before we go any further, I need to be perfectly clear about something… I personally have no problem with bare-knuckle politics, dirty politics, brutal politics. As long as violence, the condoning of violence, or the justifying of violence is not involved, I am pro-brutal politics. The nastier the better. Listen, when you live in a world with a corrupt establishment media that will stop at nothing — like accusing John McCain of having an affair with a lobbyist — to put Democrats in office, when you live in a world where Mitt Romney is accused of killing a woman, when you live in a world where CNN folk heroes a anti-Trump thug, you have to play the game as it is lays.

Nothing George W. Bush did to win re-election, nothing Trump did, bothered me in the least. There is also an honesty in the ugliness that I appreciate.

Jeb, however, is another matter. On top of being utterly clueless about how the real world works, his unmoored “principles” have once again exposed him as a man who should not be allowed anywhere near an oval-shaped office.

Did Jeb not see what his own brother — George W. — did to personally denigrate and emasculate John Kerry in 2004?

Like Barack Obama, George W. Bush proved to be a much better campaigner than president, and that glorious 2004 campaign was only about one thing — turning Kerry into an elite, French-loving, wind-surfer who hates America, lied about his war record, and is kept by his wife — a foreigney condiment heiress.

Again, I had no problem with any of this. To begin with, it is all true. In fact, the 2004 presidential election was a hoot. I loved every minute of watching Kerry melt into a puddle of ridicule.

But where was Principled and Outspoken Jeb when this hit the airwaves…?

Where was Principled Jeb, the man horrified by Trump’s homophobia (this is a lie; for starters, Trump supports same-sex marriage) when his brother’s 2004 campaign was intentionally putting the divisive issue of gay marriage on the ballot in every swing state to cynically gin up turnout?

Where was Principled Jeb, a man who says he’s horrified by racism, when his own dad was going the full-Willie Horton?

No normal person believes the Willie Horton ad was anything other than honest, but Jeb likes to play by the media’s rules, and the media say it was racist.

And so, Jeberoni, the Jebster, Jeb!, Yeb!, Mr. Sensitive Conscience, is not only a pathetic weakling and more confused in his thinking than any national political candidate in memory, he is not even talented in his passive-aggressive attacks on Trump, because he looks like a braying jackass.

George W. Bush was brilliant at the politics of ridicule. As was Barack Obama (see: Romney, Mitt). Trump, however, is the god-king and Jeb’s butt is obviously still smarting over getting a brutal taste of his own family’s medicine.

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